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A Strong Domestic Market for the Live Performance Sector

Dancers perform a lift before a crowd gathered in a public space.
Tentacle Tribe at the 2019 edition of Festival Quartiers Danses. Photo Credit: Romain Lorraine

January 16, 2020 – “Strong domestic touring circuits are needed to create synergies with funding for creation/production and for creative export.” This remains the key message of the touring and presenting sector for the 2020 federal pre-budget consultations.

Last year, CAPACOA and partner associations successfully advocated for an increase in federal funding for performing arts presenters and festivals. As a result, the 2019 federal budget announced two-year investments for “expanding support to artists and cultural events” in:

  • the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF): $ 16 million over two years;
  • the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program (BCAH), Local Festivals component: $ 14 million over two years;
  • the Canada Music Fund: $ 20 million over two years.

These long-awaited investments were celebrated with a sigh of relief by the sector. But they are already running out. Unless they are renewed in the 2020 federal budget, touring and presenting activities will be jeopardized and the positive impact of the investments will be lessened.

CAPACOA’s pre-budget submission in advance of the 2020 federal budget therefore recommends:

“that the two-year investments in the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, Building Communities through Arts and Heritage and the Canada Music Fund be extended for at least another three years.”

Read CAPACOA’s pre-budget brief

Supplementary statistical information on job growth

Festival and Major Events’ pre-budget brief

Canadian Live Music Association’s pre-budget brief

How you can help

You can participate in the pre-budget consultations by taking the pre-budget survey or by sending your own submissions via email.

You can also send a letter to your MP and convince her/him to express their support to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of Finance.

The timeline for securing this funding extension is tight. It needs to be announced in the 2020 federal budget, in March, so that you know in a timely fashion what level of funding you can expect in 2021.

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