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Ongoing Initiatives


Virtual Program 

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a  means of ensuring continued international dialogue and  exchange, CAPACOA has convened a series of virtual digital exchanges around key markets of interest  with partners around the globe. 

The IMDI202-21 launched in September 2020  has brought together international cohorts of over 150 presenters/curators/producers and artists  for a series of virtual networking meetings that have  explored programming visions and challenges; innovative programmes developed in lockdown;  artistic inspiration; current market conditions and ambitions and visions  what the world of programming and touring will look like post Covid-19. 

A key component of the project has been  the opportunity for  presenter participants from Canada to introduce and endorse Canadian export-ready artists to their international peers, and in turn, be introduced to artists from the target export market. Each artist has been specially selected after a number of cohort meetings to ensure appropriate synergies and opportunities. The results are already being revealed in exciting opportunities and future collaborations.

As a culmination to the first Virtual Cohort programme, CAPACOA has produced a Series of 8 videos – Pan-Global Reflects by Artists in Lockdown. We asked each of the artists and a selection of the presenters to produce a 3-minute video to share their practice, inspiration, vision, lockdown activities, and hopes for future international exchange.  Each was recorded by the artist or presenter. Each is a personal reflection filmed by them, mostly on their telephones, and therefore, an intimate and personal “point of view” at this moment in time that is like no other.

It’s also a record of an exceptional six month journey with our 65 artists that we will soon invite you to experience.

Project Objectives

  • To build reciprocal relationships with key organizations in target international markets
  • To promote the discoverability and touring potential of Canadian artists 
  • To uncover potential co-productions with significant international companies
  • To build strong international networks in the performing arts 
  • To tour Canadian and international artists by working directly with venues
  • Artist to artist relationships

The Cohorts

The Canadian presenter cohorts have to date included  40 CAPACOA members who have been paired with colleagues from countries and regions around the globe. These participants represent the multi-disciplinary breadth of work from all provinces and territories across Canada; from equity-seeking organizations exploring diversity and inclusion. To date, Canadian artists and presenters have been joined by peers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, and Taiwan. 

A second series of Virtual encounters is now planned for 2021 which will support a new series of Market Development opportunities for Canadian presenters and artists with new partners in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.  

A full list of the participating Canadian and international artists and presenters/producers/curators can be found here.