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Ongoing Initiatives

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Dow Centennial Centre Shell Theatre, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.


Digital Pilot Program

As a response to current COVID-19 pandemic conditions and a means to forward plan for the return of live international exchange in a post recovery environment, CAPACOA is convening a digital exchange around key markets of interest. 

The IMDI2020 is immersing a virtual delegation in a series of networking meetings that explore programming visions and objectives, planning and processes, and current market conditions. The project launched early in fall 2020.

Recognizing that Canadian presenters have a front-line perspective of the value and logistics of touring and are uniquely positioned as catalysts for collaborative exchange, presenter participants are asked to introduce and endorse Canadian export-ready artists to the international cohort, and in turn, be introduced to artists from the target export market.

Project Objectives

  • To build reciprocal relationships with key organizations in target international markets
  • To promote the discoverability and touring potential of Canadian artists 
  • To uncover potential co-productions with significant international companies
  • To build strong international networks in the performing arts 
  • To tour Canadian and international artists by working directly with venues
  • Artist to artist relationships

Target Markets

The Canadian presenter cohort, listed here, includes 40 CAPACOA members who will be paired with colleagues from different countries and regions around the globe. These participants represent the multi-disciplinary breadth of work from all provinces and territories across Canada; from equity-seeking organizations exploring diversity and inclusion.


CAPACOA members:

  • Franco Boni, Artist
  • Naomi Campbell, Artistic Director, Luminato Festival
  • Clothilde Cardinal, Head of Programming, Place des Arts
  • Jim Smith, Artistic and Executive Director, DanceHouse


  • Carmen Aguirre, Theatre Artist & Author
  • Ana Pfeiffer Quiroz, Artistic Director, Parresia
  • Mia Rushton Interdisciplinary, Artist, Mia & Eric
  • Eric Moschopedis, Interdisciplinary Artist, Mia & Eric
  • Donna Michelle, St. Bernard Artistic Director, New Harlem Productions


CAPACOA members:

  • Brendan Healy, Artistic Director, CanStage
  • Ilter Ibrahimof, Artistic Director, Fall for Dance North
  • Aislinn Rose, Artistic Director, The Theatre Centre
  • Ruth Wilker, Deputy Director, TOHU


  • Erin Brubacher, Multidisciplinary Artist 
  • Claudel Doucet, Artistic Director, Lion, Lion
  • Milton Lim, Co-Artistic Director, Hong Kong Exile
  • Andrew Tay, Artistic Director, Toronto Dance Theatre


CAPACOA members:

  • Sherrie Johnson, Executive Director, Crows Theatre
  • Cathy Levy, Executive Producer, Dance, National Arts Centre
  • Pam Patel, Executive Director, MT Space
  • Lynanne Sparrow, Producer, CanStage


  • Marie Farsi, Co-Artistic Director, Babelle Theatre
  • Sandra Laronde, Artistic Director, Red Sky Performance
  • Esie Mensah, Dancer & Choregrapher
  • Sherry Yoon, Artistic Director, Boca Del Lupo


CAPACOA members:

  • Brendan Healy, Artistic Director, CanStage
  • Ravi Jain, Artistic Director, Progress Festival
  • Raeesa Lalani, Artistic Director, Prismatic Festival
  • Natalie Lue, Director, Vancouver Civic Theatres


  • Nova Bhattachayra, Artistic Director, Nova Dance
  • Kong Kie Njo, Artistic Director, Music Picnic
  • Yvon Siglo, aka Crazy Smooth, Artistic Director, Bboyizm
  • Jonathon Young, Artistic Director, Electric Company Theatre


CAPACOA members:

  • Nicholas Beach, General Manager, Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre
  • Denise Bolduc, Curator, Luminato Festival
  • Lesandra Dodson, Programming Director, Fredericton Playhouse
  • Annie Wilson, Manager of Programming, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre


  • Celeigh Cardinal, Singer/Songwriter
  • Ian Kamau, Artist/Writer/Designer
  • Andrea Pena, Artistic Director, Andrea Pena & Artists
  • Maiko Yamamoto, Artistic Director, Theatre Replacement

Nordic:  Denmark & Norway

CAPACOA members:

  • Reneltta Arluk, Director, Indigenous Arts, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and Artistic Director, Akpik Theatre
  • Natalie Bonjour, Head of Programming, Harbourfront Centre
  • Michele Emslie, Director of Programming, Yukon Arts Centre
  • Heather Redfern, Executive Director, The Cultch


  • Daina Ashee, Choreographer
  • Michelle Olson, Artistic Director, Raven Spirit Dance
  • Chris Reed aka Continental Breakfast, Drag Performance Artist
  • Adrienne Wong, Artistic Director, SpiderWebShow Performance


CAPACOA members:

  • Angela Campbell, Executive Director, Imperial Theatre
  • Jayson Duggan, Director of Programming, Grand Theatre
  • Jahn Fawcett, Portfolio Manager, Shenkman Arts Centre
  • Erin Kennedy, Artistic Director, Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre


  • Reneltta Arluk, Artistic Director, Akpik Theatre
  • Christian Barry, Artistic Director, 2b Theatre
  • Helen Langevin, Artistic Director, Bouge de la
  • Santee Smith, Artistic Director, Kaha:Wi Dance Theatre


CAPACOA members:

  • Pierre Desmarais, Artistic Director, Danse Danse
  • Neal Rempel, Artistic Director, Winnipeg Children’s Festival
  • Josephine Ridge, VP Programming, TO Live
  • Lynanne Sparrow, Producer, CanStage


  • Cris Derksen, Cellist & Composer
  • Alexandra “Spicey” Lande, Artistic Director, Ebnfloh
  • Alyssa Martin, Artistic Director, Rock Bottom Movement
  • Holly Treddenick, Artistic Director, Femme Du Fou


  • Michael Caldwell, Producer, Fall for Dance North
  • Marie Coderre, Executive Director, Northern Arts and Cultural Centre
  • Natalie Gan, Artist, Hong Kong Exile
  • Shauna Kadyschuk, Producer, STO Union
  • Nicole Mion, Artistic Director, Fluid Festival
  • Andrea Nann, Artistic Director, Dreamwalker Dance
  • Heidi Strauss, Artistic Director, adelheid
  • Mirna Zagar, Artistic Director, The Dance Centre

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