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Ongoing Initiatives


Virtual Program 

CAPACOA continues to develop global digital exchanges around key markets of interest that lead to exciting opportunities and future collaborations. This project seeks to:

  • Build reciprocal relationships with key organizations in target international markets
  • Promote the discoverability and touring potential of Canadian artists 
  • Uncover potential co-productions with significant international companies
  • Build strong international networks in the performing arts 
  • Tour Canadian and international artists by working directly with venues
  • Strengthen artist to artist relationships

The Cohorts

Last fall, Canadian presenter cohorts included 40 CAPACOA members, paired with colleagues from countries and regions around the globe. These participants represent the multi-disciplinary breadth of work from all provinces and territories across Canada; from equity-seeking organizations exploring diversity and inclusion. The Canadian artists and presenters were joined by peers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, and Taiwan. 

A second series of Virtual encounters has now launched which supports a new series of Market Development opportunities for Canadian presenters and artists with new partners in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Norway. 

Conversations in Southeast Asia, Italy, and the Middle East/North African Region will begin in the fall!

A full list of the participating Canadian and international artists and presenters/producers/curators can be found here.


Launched in May 2021, this pilot program consists of two activities:

1. Weekly Roundtable Conversations

Every Tuesday, CAPCOA holds roundtable conversations facilitated by artists from the IMDI2020-21 cohorts via Zoom. These events offer casual ways to connect with colleagues from around the globe to discuss a wide variety of topics, themes, and ideas.

2. Bi-weekly Artist Spotlight Series

This activity invites artists from the IMDI2020-21 cohorts to share a deep look into the work they are doing. This might be done through a studio visit, a walk through their neighbourhood as they describe their process, or as a discussion between them and their collaborators, It’s totally up to the artist to decided how they want to engage! Each session features 1 Canadian artist and 1 international artist and takes place bi-weekly on Thursdays.

Business members are invited to join the conversations! if you are interested in participating, please contact Judy Harquail at