digital transformation

digital transformation

One hand holds a phone parallel to the ground while another points a finger at the screen. A web of linked data shoots out above the screen.

The Artsdata Linked Open Data Ecosystem: A New Project for the Performing Arts

The Linked Digital Future initiative is giving way to the Artsdata project, a linked open data ecosystem governed by a community of users.

A hand holds a smartphone horizontally, displaying Google search results for “Events near me today”. An arrow points to the results, with the invitation to “Boost your digital presence so audiences can easily find your organization (and your events)”.

2023-2024 Digital Discoverability Program: Call for Participation

Join the 2023-2024 Digital Discoverability Program and learn how to optimize your event pages, artist profiles and Wikidata items.

Two dancers are performing on a stage. The stage is surrounded by musicians.

2022-2023 Digital Discoverability Program Wraps Up

CAPACOA’s Linked Digital Future Initiative (LDFI) recently wrapped up the second edition of the Digital Discoverability Program. Hear from Nicholas Beach, who shares his experience as a 2022-2023 participant.

New Report Paves the Way for Better Representation of Indigenous Artists

The latest report from the Linked Digital Future Initiative paves the way for better representation of Indigenous artists in Wikidata.

Four people form a semicircle on stage, smiling and holding a series of hoops in their outstretched hands.

Indigenous Artists Shine Equally on our Stages as in the Constellation of Linked Data

Together, IPAA and CAPACOA worked to publish accurate and respectful information about Indigenous artists and their works through open data.

Left side of image: Invitation to join the 2022-2023 Digital Discoverability Program, with the Linked Digital Future and Culture Creates logos. Right side: a hand holding a smartphone, displaying a Google search with detailed event information.

Call for Participation in the 2022-2023 Digital Discoverability Program

From Sept 2022 to March 2023, 20 members will work with Culture Creates to optimize the readability and discoverability of their events.

Audience members at Cabaret-Théâtre du Vieux-Saint-Jean

The LIVE Directory: At the Crossroads of Performing Arts and Open Data

CAPACOA is thrilled to announce the launch of the LIVE Performing Arts Directory, the first of its kind entirely powered by open data.

Modern dancers in black pants and bare chest on stage performing.

5 steps to improve your digital presence

If a performing arts organization could only take one or two steps to improve its digital presence, where should it start?

Wylie, M., Sculthorp, M., Gagnon-Turcotte, S. et Chatwin, M. (2021). Une voie prometteuse pour promouvoir la gouvernance des données dans le secteur des arts de la scène : analyser les chartes et les principes pour la gouvernance des données. Nord Ouvert et Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA).

Principles for data collaboration

CAPACOA, in partnership with Open North, launched their report “A Promising Path to Developing Data Governance in the Performing Arts Sector”.

An IMDb for the Performing Arts?

For more than two years, CAPACOA and partner organizations have been laying the groundwork for a data ecosystem for the performing arts. Among other things, we have been assigning unique IDs to everything performing arts: artists, organizations, venues, productions and events. And we have been devel...Read More

Slide from the ARTS survey describing the percentages of time spent consuming content/events in-person and online during and post-pandemic. Key data points are highlighted in the caption.

Online performances remain a valuable alternative for many cultural consumers

More and more cultural consumers have watched and paid for online performances. For these consumers, "free" is a poor value proposition.

Online Performances And The Search for a Viable Business Model

Can the changes in the way we create and consume art in this era reshape the performing arts sector? Find answers from our two-part webinar.

A picture of a string quartet finishing off a concert

Canadian Art Goers are Longing for Live Events

Audiences are yearning for live performances, and the demand for online performances might very well decrease once in-person events resume. This is what consumer surveys conducted in Alberta and Ontario are indicating.