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Four participants from the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe/CAPACOA group posing shoulder to shoulder.

Expressions of Interest for Canadian Arts Presenters to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Expressions of Interest for Canadian Arts Presenters are now open for support to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 17 – 24 August, 2022.

Dancers performing with a live orchestra in the background.

Audiences need to be reminded of the benefits of attending

Mental health and trying something unique or different are among the top benefits that may compel audiences to attend live performances.

Call for Applications: Canadian Artists

We are looking for Canadian artists to be featured in our 2022 Snapshots Sessions.

Man and woman wearing traditional clothing singing together.

Encouraging signs of recovery for the performing arts

The GDP and employment increases observed over the second half of 2021 echo government interventions announced a year before.

The musician on stage is standing in front of a microphone with blue stage lights shining behind them. They are holding a white electric guitar, with their head facing towards the ground.

Federal budget acknowledges uneven recovery, but leaves much to be desired

The 2022 federal budget provides little new funding for the performing arts sector. But we remain hopeful that the National Recovery Summit will provide another opportunity to address the needs of the industry.

Celeigh Cardinal is singing in front of a microphone.

Finding Our Way: National Town Hall Report

On January 25, CAPACOA welcomed members of the performing arts community to share their hopes for the future. Discussions around digital space, social inequity, and the climate crisis led to new discoveries.

A singer performing with a guitar. On the foreground, dark silhouettes of audience members and of a technician recording the performance.

Employment among arts and entertainment industries falls back to square one

According to the Labour Force Survey, employment among performing arts, spectator sports and related industries declined for a third consecutive month in January 2022.

Photo of a performer singing with eyes closed.

Performing Arts, Tourism and the Experience Economy: The Untapped Potential

Research shows that amongst travellers, there is a growing desire for authentic experiences that enliven and deepen connections to place. Live events and festivals provide these types of experiences year round.

Modern dancers in black pants and bare chest on stage performing.

5 steps to improve your digital presence

If a performing arts organization could only take one or two steps to improve its digital presence, where should it start?

Two musicians performing before a socially distanced audience in a wooden church building.

Beginning of a resurgence in the performing arts

The live performance sector saw its first signs of a recovery during the third quarter of 2021.