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The Succession Plan

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TSP - The Succession Plan

Through its mentorship and peer network development program, The Succession Plan (TSP), CAPACOA reaches out to emerging and mid-career presenters, arts administrators, managers, agents and other industry professionals, seeking to strengthen core competencies, provide leadership development and equip them with the tools and resources necessary to be active participants in the development of arts and culture in their community.

The Succession Plan program provides:

  • One-on-one mentorship with leaders from the national performing arts community;
  • Opportunities to network with peers in small and in larger groups to discuss the new realities of working in the arts;
  • Participation in personal professional development activities through the ‘Continuous Professional Development’ program;
  • Access to showcases or performances and to other value-adding programming via the integration of the program with a host presenters’ conference or arts festival.

The Succession Plan is an opportunity for emerging arts leaders from across the country and artistic disciplines to engage with a national network of peers – a vehicle for exchange and learning, enabling anyone to access the expertise that exists in the CAPACOA community.

To date, we have delivered successful TSP programs at 27+ conferences and events over more than five years. The program has benefited more than 100 arts professionals (mentors and mentees) who continue to use TSP tools and networks to further develop their cultural careers.

If you are interested in taking part or learning more about The Succession Plan program, please contact our program coordinator, Andrew Giguère.

Paul Gravett Scholarship Fund

Launched in 2018, the Paul Gravett Scholarship Fund allows a future arts professional to participate in the CAPACOA Conference and The Succession Plan. The fund supports the costs of accommodation and travel, up to $1,000. In order to be eligible to the fund, an applicant must be active in their cultural community, demonstrate an understanding of their future professional goals and challenges, and demonstrate a We are able to offer this fund thanks to the sponsors and the CAPACOA Board of Directors.

To access the application document for TSP or the Paul Gravett Scholarship Fund, connect with program coordinator Andrew Giguère.

“I feel so grateful to have participated in TSP from the time I was an emerging arts presenter. At that time, one of my critical needs was to build a network of domestic peers – both experienced arts professionals and emerging leaders in the field. This program gave me the fantastic opportunity to cultivate this network and continually grow my understanding of the presenting industry in this country. As I became more established in the industry I was honoured to have been selected as a mentor in The Succession Plan.”
Stefania Paterak, Roy Thomson & Massey Hall

Past Participants

Please note that some positions have changed.

  • Adam Moffatt, Adam Moffatt Production Management (Toronto, ON)
  • Elise Legrand, Scene Ouverte (Montreal, QC)
  • Reneltta Arluk, Akpik Theatre/Full Circle First Nations Performance (Vancouver/Yellowknife)
  • Karen August, Market Hall (Peterborough,ON)
  • Joey Balducchi, Spherical Productions (Guelph,ON)
  • Kenna Burima (Calgary,AB)
  • Chantal Cimon, Pla’c’art (Montreal,QC)
  • Nicole Cornish, Toronto Dance Theatre (Toronto,ON)
  • Andrea Davison, Honens International Piano Competition (Calgary,AB)
  • Tina DesRoches, Eaglewood Folk Festival (Pefferlaw, ON)
  • Andrea Ellis, Atlantic Presenters Association (Charlottetown,PEI)
  • Marilena Gaudio, National Arts Centre (Ottawa,ON)
  • Sarah Hagan, Pro’ject Sound (Vancouver,BC)
  • Valerie Hillier, The Fredericton Playhouse (Fredericton,NB)
  • Alanna Jankov, The Guild (Charlottetown,PEI)
  • Katy Johnston, Goderich Celtic Roots Festival (Goderich,ON)
  • Tim Jones, FACTOR (Toronto,ON)
  • Heather Kilner, Pride Toronto (Toronto,ON)
  • Jean-Pierre Leduc, Lunched Management (Montréal,QC)
  • Danielle Lefebvre, agence d’artistes Danielle Lefebvre (Trois-Rivière,QC)
  • Alannah Johnston, Alianait Arts Festival (Iqualuit, NU)
  • Rebecca Ballarin, SPARC (Toronto, ON)
  • Victoria Perron, Alianait Arts Festival (Iqualuit, NU)
  • Michael-Owen Liston, Tranzac Club (Toronto,ON)
  • David Locke-Norton, Vancouver Recital Society (Vancouver,BC)
  • Jodi Lucas, Arts Commons formerly EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts (Calgary,AB)
  • Miriam Manley, Revelstoke Centre for the Performing Arts (Revelstoke,BC)
  • Adrian Martin, Haliburton County Folk Society (Haliburton,ON)
  • Meghan McCready, Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall (Toronto,ON)
  • Catherine McInnes, Home County Folk Festival (London,ON)
  • Nancy Morgan, Strategic Arts Management (Halifax,NS)
  • Galen Olstead, Kay Meek Centre (Vancouver,BC)
  • Sara Palmieri, Brock University, Centre for the Performing Arts (St. Catherine’s,ON)
  • Pearl Rachinsky, Folk on the Rocks (Yellowknife,NWT)
  • Rob Reid, World Famous Music (Ottawa,ON)
  • Dan Rowsell, Hazel Grove Management (Hunter River,PEI)
  • Noora Sagarwala, Manifesto Festival (Toronto, ON)
  • Meg Shannon, PACT (Toronto,ON)
  • Oliver Swain, FolkWest (Victoria, BC)
  • Annie Wilson, Suitcase In Point (Toronto,ON)
  • Erin Williams-Spidle, Harmony Bazaar (Lockeport,NS)

Past Mentors

Please note that some positions have changed.

  • Kurt Bagnell, Banff Centre (Banff,AB)
  • Sam Baijal, Hillside Festival (Guelph,ON)
  • David Baile, International Society for the Performing Arts – ISPA (New York,NY)
  • Majdi Bou-Matar, MT Space (Kitchener,ON)
  • Tanya Corbin, Edmonton Folk Festival (Edmonton,AB)
  • Chris Dearlove, Scene Festivals – National Arts Centre (Ottawa,ON)
  • Cheryl Ewing, CCI (Toronto,ON)
  • Aengus Finnan, Ontario Arts Council (Toronto,ON)
  • Paul Gravett, Vancouver Recital Society (Vancouver,BC)
  • Bruce Halliday, Port Theatre (Nanaimo,BC)
  • Jane Harbury, Jane Harbury Publicity (Toronto,ON)
  • Brenda Heatherington, Burlington Performing Arts Centre (Burlington,ON)
  • Mike Hill, Mariposa Folk Festival (Orillia,ON)
  • Joyce Hinton, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (Vancouver,BC)
  • Jeanne Holmes, Dancemakers (Toronto,ON)
  • Jennifer Johnson, EPCOR Centre (Edmonton,AB)
  • Russell Kelley (Ottawa,ON)
  • Andrew Kwan, Andrew Kwan Artists Management Inc. (Toronto,ON)
  • Kelly Langgard, Canada Council for the Arts (Ottawa,ON)
  • Chris Lorway (Toronto,ON)
  • Alycia Mack, International Music Network (USA)
  • Brian McCurdy, The Grand Theatre (Kingston,ON)
  • Heather McGean, Dalhousie Arts Centre (Halifax,NS)
  • Kasia Morrison, JazzEast (Halifax,NS)
  • David Pay, Music on Main (Vancouver,BC)
  • Neil Pearson, Shrewsbury Folk Festival (UK)
  • Debbie Peters, Magnum Opus Management (Whitehorse,YT)
  • Cory Philley, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (Burnaby,BC)
  • Heather Redfern, The Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Vancouver,BC)
  • Cindy Reid, The Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Vancouver,BC)
  • Rainbow Robert, Jazz Festivals Canada (Vancouver,BC)
  • Nicole Rochefort, Artists in Motion (Toronto,ON)
  • Sarah Rogers, Menno Plukker Artists (Montréal,QC)
  • Bernard Sauvé, Eponymous (Vancouver,BC)
  • Lindy Sisson, The ACT Maple Ridge (Maple Ridge,BC)
  • Deb Slade, Brock University Centre for the Arts (St. Catherine’s,ON)
  • Phyllis Stenson, Harrison Festival for the Performing Arts (Harrison Hot Springs,BC)
  • Brian Swanson, Monterey Artists International (USA)
  • Tim Yerxa, Fredericton Playhouse (Fredericton,NB)