Performing Arts Tax Working Group

The Performing Arts Tax Working Group is a collective of performing arts organizations and associations representing more than 1,000 live performance stakeholders in Canada, including all major festivals and presenters in the country. It was assembled in 2014 to examine ways to achieve greater efficiency and better risk management in the administration of taxation of non-resident entertainers. In 2015, the Canada Revenue Agency joined as a de facto member and a close collaborator in the Working Group. CAPACOA serves as a facilitator for the group.

As of July 2018, the Working Group is comprised of 27 organizations:

  • Arts Commons
  • BAM! Baird Artists Management
  • Canadian Dance Assembly
  • Canadian Independent Music Association
  • Cusson Management
  • Danse Danse
  • East Coast Music Association
  • Eponymous
  • evenko
  • Festival international de Jazz de Montréal
  • Festival Transamériques
  • Festivals and Major Events Canada
  • Indie Montréal
  • Kokoro Dance / Vancouver International Dance Festival
  • Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal
  • Lula Music and Arts Centre
  • Montréal, arts interculturels
  • Music Canada Live
  • National Arts Centre
  • North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents
  • Pop Montréal
  • Regroupement des événements majeurs internationaux
  • Small World Music Society
  • The CanDance Network
  • TOHU et Montréal Complètement Cirque
  • Canada Revenue Agency

Anyone who cares about improving the Canadian non-resident taxation system is welcome to join the Working Group. For more information, contact Frédéric Julien.

Performing Arts Taxation Facts