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Welcome to the ALL ACCESS archives! CAPACOA’s newsletter raises awareness of the performing arts sector and keeps you up to date on advocacy, member news and key issues in our field.


All Access Volume 12
December 2020 – CAPACOA Appears before The House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, and a look back: Our webinars and workshops in 2020
November 2020 – Equity and Inclusion in the Performing Arts: An Ongoing Labor, New Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy and Statistics on Employment in the Arts.
October 2020 – CAPACOA’s International Market Development Initiative, culture statistics, before and after the pandemic and labour force shifts.
September 2020 – Is age a significant factor in patrons’ intention to return to the performing arts? And a submission on rebuilding upon more sustainable and equitable foundations.
August 2020 – Detailed statistics on job losses in the arts, and more on funding updates: EI and CERB changes, CEWS calculator.
July 2020 – Statistics Canada’s employment surveys provided evidence of heavy employment losses in the arts, entertainment and recreation sectors.
June 2020 – As an increasing number of artists and venues are exploring digitizing their arts events, questions arise around the legal responsibilities and rights of artists, venues, and contracts.
May 2020 – Many of us are at the eight-week mark of our new normal. Many of our theatres have closed their doors for the same amount of time. 
April 2020 – We are feeling the fragility of the arts sector as well as its strength as we come together under this new feeling of un-realness.
March 2020 – Little did we know that a new coronavirus was about to change how we think and plan for international gatherings.
February 2020 – Young Canadians, Indigenous Peoples, racialized groups, and immigrants have high attendance rates. Are these the ones you are presenting?
January 2020 – Most of us have seen arts and health at work in one of many forms, but what is the factual evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being?
All Access Volume 11
April 2019 – A historic toolkit, draft Linked Digital Future report, digital litteracy events, living solo / being social, why acknowledge territory?
March 2019 – Vitality and Impact of Arts Presenting, Re:Venues, IPAA workshops, awards.
February 2019 – Digital Collaboration in the Live Performing Arts, CAPF Increase update, Indigenous Ally Toolkit, Canadians’ Art Participation.
January 2019 – trade missions, lessons from libraries, attendance and participation statistics, labour market information study.
All Access Volume 10
December 2018 – international market development, meeting with Minister of Canadian Heritage, resources on Indigenous histories, stories, and truths.
October 2018 – cultural participation of new Canadians, New Zealand and Australia tour, Paul Gravett Scholarship Fund.
September 2018 – Canada at Edinburgh, digital economy survey, important changes regarding U.S. visas and withholding.
August 2018 – register for Arts Day, tourism and arts participation research, new artist mobility barriers in Canada and in the U.S., remembering Barbara Feldman.
July 2018 – insights on cultural participation, Creative Export Canada program, White Paper on International Taxation of Entertainers.
June 2018 – CRA simplifies international taxation, statistics on cultural trade, cultural diplomacy and other parliamentary studies.
May 2018 – working conditions in the arts, international trade missions opportunities, taking the digital shift, arts metadata, cultural studies on Parliament Hill.
April 2018 – infrastructure funding and policies, pay-what-you-can strategy, Digital Strategy Fund results, concert attendance and wellbeing.
March 2018 – attendance drop at performing arts venues, performing arts revenues and expenses, economic indicators, cultural diplomacy, federal budget, lifetime membership.
February 2018 – Millennials’ drivers for attendance, international trade, attendance data mutualization, endangered small venues, Indigenous arts initiatives.
January 2018 – sexual harrassment, the Millennial generation, ticket buyers, community engagement, webinars.
All Access Volume 9
December 2017 – A digest of 2017, national arts service organizations meeting, privacy and marketing, the pleasure of dancing.
November 2017 – Non-attendance trends, touring in the U.S., a smaller-scale Arts Day, awards winners, conference proceedings.
October 2017 – New findings on arts and belonging, the Creative Canada plan and export strategy, Copyright Board of Canada, and more.
September 2017 – Copyright Board decision on live events, arts presentation at Arts Day on the Hill, NAFTA, arts attendance, Digital Arts Service Symposium.
August 2017 – Performing arts touring on the NAFTA negotiation table, arts presentation front and centre in pre-budget consultations, PCBP, arts and health.
July 2017 – Festivals and safety, funding opportunities and assorted webinars, pre-budget consultations, neighbouring rights.
June 2017 – Progress on international taxation, labour mobility and NAFTA, presenter exchange with Australia, an open digital future.
May 2017 – Arts and Belonging, an inclusive Canada 150, Indigenous arts, infrastructure webinars.
April 2017 – Digitizing the Performing Arts, the costs of non-resident taxation, infrastructure funding, agent and managers retreat.
March 2017 – Collaboration in Camrose, leisure expenses, arts marketing, arts in a digital world.
February 2017 – Red Sky’s Canada 150 story, let’s talk about taxation, touring in the U.S. amid growing barriers, Lynne Bailey retires.
January 2017 – Canada 150 stories, Arts in Perspective conversation series, discussion with millenials, community engagement, engaging with Deaf artists.
All Access Volume 8
December 2016 – audience development insights, index of wellbeing, policy updates, leadership program, funding news.
November 2016 – Arts Day recap, federal budget analysis, Indigenous arts initiatives, progress on international taxation, U.S. visa fee increase.
October 2016 – sense of belonging, Where is the art?, Tips to be an #ArtsDay Advocate, New CAPACOA Chair.
September 2016 – Indigenous initiatives, consultation on Canadian content, infrastructure funding, Arts Day on the Hill.
August 2016 – infrastructure consultation, digital innovation in the performing arts, funding and mentorship opportunities, awards.
July 2016 – evolution of presenting practice, employers and the arts, U.S. visa fee increase, mentorship programs.
June 2016 – arts and health, creative aging, community-engaged arts, news from Canada Council for the Arts, infrastructure funding.
May 2016 – recreation spending, Canadian content in the digital era, a new chapter at Canada Council, equity and inclusion, discounts for CAPACOA members.
April 2016 – audience research and marketing, excellent news from the federal government, touring in the U.S., industry news.
March 2016 – foreign artists, international mobility and taxation, audience motivations and barriers, cancellation policy.
February 2016 – volunteers and donors, music and health, dance for young audience, Canada Council consultations, analyses of provincial and territorial budgets, U.S. immigration delays.
January 2016 – six facts you must know in 2016, pre-budget consultations, performing arts and the creative class, and a few things you may have missed in 2015.
All Access Volume 7
December 2015 – foreign artists regulations, new funding model, performing arts and technology, live music report.
November 2015 – statistics on arts presenting and time use, meet your new MP, new minister, Debbie Slade to receive Life Achievement Award.
October 2015 – Time for a #VoteParty, Trans-Pacific Partnership, first Ontario culture, new CPAMO report.
September 2015 – #ArtsVote updates, capacity building program, international taxation, federal budget analysis.
August 2015 – Showcasing at CAPACOA, the Arts Vote campaign, aging and the arts, music is important to Canadians.
June 2015 – Stunning arts economics, federal election advocacy, streaming live performances, sustaining large venues.
May 2015 – Canada 150 funding opportunities, a stronger case for changes to R105, mentor training program, telling our stories.
April 2015 – Touring beyond borders: R105, changes at the border, new U.S. visa service, international touring at the Canada Council.
March 2015 – Meet our new Executive Director, Ontario Scene, Magnetic North, Arts Reach and many other professional development opportunities.
February 2015 – Where have all the Erins gone, #YesIdance survey results, showcasing and block booking online, loyalty and membership programs, a sad goodbye.
January 2015 – Important regulatory updates including Re:Sound and R105, the federal budget and the arts, professional development webcasts and webinars.
All Access Volume 6
December 2014 – Conference news, reduction of credit card fees, Canadian Arts Coalition meets Finance Minister.
November 2014 – Finance Committee hearing, federal budget update, stretch tax credit, R105 Witholding, and lots of member news.
October 2014 – A remarkable Arts Day on the Hill, culture debate at cross-sectoral summit, community and national-level reserach reports of note.
September 2014 – New funding programs for presenters and performing arts organizations, new economic data, Arts Day on the Hill.
June 2014 – Anti-spam webinars, labour market insight research, mentorship, call for performers at TO2015, arts and health.
May 2014 – Insights on customer attitudes and behaviour, webcasting, climate change, discipline-specific research.
Apr. 2014 – Postage rate increase, National Dance Week, NAPAMA market study, webinar on the anti-spam law.
Mar. 2014 – Leading the way with Re:Sound, learning about the anti-spam law, Symposium on Performing Arts Curation, Symposium for Performing Arts in Rural Communities.
Feb. 2014 – Federal Budget 2014, Culture Days top 10 cities, arts data symposium, Arts Day at Queen’s Park.
Feb. 2014 – CAPACOA awards winners, outcomes of the Arts 308 campaign, public engagement at the Canada Council for the Arts, professional development opportunities.
All Access Volume 5
Dec. 2013 – Important changes to not-for-profit accounting standards, federal and provincial budget analyses, Arts 308 is making the voice of the sector heard.
Nov. 2013 – Arts 308 needs you to talk to your MP, Canada Council program review, shared administrative platform, and many advocacy updates.
Oct. 2013 – registration to the 26th CAPACOA Conference, compensation survey, neuroscience of music, performing arts symposiums, programs for venue managers.
Sept. 2013 – proposed changes to Re:Sound, Temporary Foreign Workers Program changes, Arts Day 2013 prorogued, 2013 CAPACOA AGM.
July 2013 – visa workers strike, UN reviews role of culture in development, The Value of Presenting goes on, TSP at Folk Music Ontario, BC Arts Summit.
June 2013 – Connecting with elected officials during the summer, raising awareness beyond our sector, negotiations with Re:Sound.
May 2013 – A Study in Action: The Value of Presenting, CAPACOA’s National Network Meeting, Consultations Now Underway at Canada Council.
Apr. 2013 – The Value of Presenting: release, infographics and videos, news coverage, in the Canadian Atlas Online, upcoming events.
Apr. 2013 – Presenters Capacity Building Program, new features on the Presenter’s Toolkit, federal budget and other arts funding news, awards.
Mar. 2013 – Analysis of Provincial and Territorial Budgets, the Arts Caucus investigates arts and health, exciting news from Presenting Networks.
Feb. 2013 – Research reports on well-being and tourism, Canada’s 150th anniversary, professional development opportunities.
Jan. 2013 – Program renewal at Canadian Heritage, arts and heritage survey, Canadian Arts Coalition’s plans, great tools for charities.