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CAPACOA Conference 2023

A gathering of Canada’s national and international presenting and touring sector, the CAPACOA Conference is an opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues and make new connections from coast to coast to coast.

With more than 250 presenters, agents, managers, artists and other performing arts professionals in attendance, participants can expect new networking opportunities, informative sessions and peer meetings as well as world-class theatre, music and dance showcases. All this in a friendly and intimate setting designed to foster business relationships with performing arts colleagues from across Canada.

Feasting Relationships
International Symposium 2023

Established in 2023, The Feasting Relationships symposium engages a diverse curated group of international leaders to collectively share the shifts, stories and transformations within touring networks to reflect, conspire, and move toward a committed collective action.

The 2023 symposium precedes CAPACOA’s biennial conference, and is taking place from November 2-4.

Woman with white skin and blond hair.
Pascale St-Onge Official Portrait Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 28, 2021. © HOC-CDC Credit: Mélanie Provencher, House of Commons Photo Services.

For our talented artists to shine, numerous creative industry professionals need to work hard behind the scenes. Once again this year, Confluence will offer everyone in the performing arts community the opportunity to take part in workshops, networking activities, shows and exhibitions, as way to help energize our cultural scene.

The Honourable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Canadian Heritage