A group of musicians and singers lined up on a stage, performing, with blue curtains as a backdrop.

Program Coordinator, Indigenous Performing Arts Leadership Project

The Canadian Association for the Performing Arts (CAPACOA) is seeking an experienced Indigenous Program Coordinator who will work alongside our program partner, the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA), to carry out a professional development program for Indigenous arts managers.  The rol...Read More

Truth and Reconciliation

We invite our members to join us in committing to reflecting on Canada’s colonial legacy and learning from Indigenous artists, activists and knowledge-keepers.

Red background with "IDENTIDADES International Festival of Performing Arts in the Atacama Desert" written beside a bear face with a sun eye.

Call for Expressions of Interest to Attend IDENTIDADES

Expressions of interest for Canadian Indigenous arts presenters are now open to attend INDENTIDADES International Festival October 1-5 2022.