Investing in the Future of Live Performance

In 2019, after sustained advocacy efforts by the performing arts community, the federal government granted temporary funding increases to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund and the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program. These supplementary funds are currently set to end on March 31, 2024. Since 2019, these two already oversubscribed programs have seen their number of recipients increase significantly. Divesting in these programs is not an option. That is why the live performance sector is asking the federal government to make the supplementary funds permanent and to invest an additional $30 million per year in these two programs. 

Live performance associations articulated a strong case for these investments in their pre-budget submissions (see CAPACOA’s recommendations for the 2023 federal budget).

We ask all presenting and festival organizations to contact their federal MP to let them know how this additional support from the federal government would impact you and your community.

  • Send them a personal letter using this template.
  • Invite them to attend one of your upcoming events.
  • Thank them for the exceptional support throughout the pandemic.
  • Explain to them why additional, ongoing support is needed.

The Canadian Association for the Performing Arts (CAPACOA), the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA), Festivals and Major Events (FAME) and Association RIDEAU will be holding two sector-wide town halls in November. We’ll share essential background information about our requests as well as a few tips for building a good relationship with your member of Parliament.

Live Performance Town Hall: Setting the Stage for Further Funding Increases

Le financement de la diffusion à l’avant-scène : assemblée sectorielle

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