Investing in the Future of Live Performance

latest update: November 22, 2023

The 2023 federal budget provided an extension of the additional funding for the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage (BCAH) program, but not for the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF). Unless the government makes a change, CAPF clients will see their funding drop by an average of 23%.

The performing arts sector needs predictable and increased support from the federal government. Not funding cuts!

Make permanent the supplementary investments of $8 million per year in the
Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) and and $7 million per year in the
Building Communities
Through Arts and Heritage (BCAH) program, first announced
in the 2019 budget and subsequently extended in the 2021 and 2023 budgets.

Invest an additional $30 million per year in these two programs
($21 million for CAPF and $9 million for BCAH) to support the
adaptation and growth of the live performance sector in the post-pandemic era.

These recommendations have been drafted and endorsed by over thirty industry associations.

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The Fall Economic Statement did not deliver an extension of the $8M supplementary funds for the CAPF. While such an extension might have provided short-term predictability, it would have fallen short of our requests for the 2024 federal budget, that is to make the supplementary funds permanent and to increase base funding for both CAPF and BCAH.

We have a few months left to gain support from more additional Members of Parliament and to convince the Minister of Finance to invest in the #FutureOfLIVE rather than cutting funds back.

If you’ve already connected with your MP, send a follow-up letter using this template.

If you haven’t connected with your MP, it’s not too late! Send this letter.

And don’t stop sharing stories with the #FutureOfLIVE hashtag!

Please send us a copy of your letter and tell us about your meeting outcomes at futureoflive@capacoa.ca

Letters by province or territory


Sincere thanks to all MPs who expressed their support for the #FutureOfLIVE recommendations!

  • Adam Chambers, CPC, ON
  • Andy Fillmore, LPC, NS
  • Chris d’Entremont, CPC, NS
  • Claude de Bellefeuille, BQ, QC
  • Francis Scarpaleggia, LPC, QC
  • Gabriel Ste-Marie, BQ, QC
  • Greg Fergus, LPC, QC
  • Heath MacDonald, LPC, PE
  • Heather McPherson, NPD, AB
  • Jenica Atwin, LPC, NB
  • Julie Vignola, BQ, QC
  • Kevin Vuong, IND, ON
  • Louis Plamondon, BQ, QC
  • Louise Chabot, BQ, QC
  • Luc Désilets, BQ, QC
  • Marci Ien, LPC, ON
  • Mario Simard, BQ, QC
  • Martin Champoux, BQ, QC
  • Maxime Blanchette-Joncas, BQ, QC
  • Michael Kram, CPC, SK
  • Mike Morrice, GPC, ON
  • Monique Pauzé, BQ, QC
  • Nathalie Sinclair-Desgagné, BQ, QC
  • Pascale St-Onge, LPC, QC
  • Patty Hadju, LPC, ON
  • Peter Julian, NPD, BC
  • René Villemure, BQ, QC
  • Serge Cormier, LPC, NB
  • Soraya Martinez Ferrada, LPC, QC
  • Sylvie Bérubé, BQ, QC
  • Taleeb Noormohamed, LPC, BC
  • Xavier Barsalou-Duval, BQ, QC
  • Yves Perron, BQ, QC
  • Yvonne Jones, LPC, NL


This recently updated directory includes:

A template letter to notify of your MP of funding cuts at the CAPF or BCAH.

A template letter to touch base with your MP, if you’ve already connected with them in the last year.

Please send your letter soon. If we want to influence the federal budget, we have until February to rally support from more MPs.

Use these banners and social media images to get the word out.

Talking points for when you meet your MP.

Details about our recommendations and lots of background info, charts and tables to make a compelling case (updated August 29, 2023).