Arts Promotion

Arts Promotion

All Access Webinars: Managing Mental Health and Building Resilience in the Performing Arts

Living in the time of COVID, many of us are dealing with uncertainty, fear, grief, and anxiety. CAPACOA is here to support you, not only in business but also in your mental and emotional well-being.

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CAPACOA Applauds Emergency Support for Performing Arts Organizations

CAPACOA congratulates the Federal government for their recognition of the annual contribution of the arts and culture community to the economic vitality of Canada and their timely response and support...Read More

Main entrance of Showplace Performance Centre, in full daylight.

Arts and entertainment among the most impacted by the COVID-19

According to Statistics Canada, businesses in the arts, entertainment and recreation sector are the most severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, along with accommodation and food. 

Empty theatre with a blue light wash over the stage area.

Municipal and other publicly-owned presenters: connectors of touring circuits

Municipal, university and other publicly-owned presenting organizations are not eligible for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Yet, they represent a significant segment within the live performance ec...Read More

Postponements and cancellations: both are a loss and have adverse effects

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak – and the bans on gatherings – many performing arts presenters have chosen to postpone performances rather than cancelling them outright. If postponements ...Read More

Presenters' revenues by source: Earned, 53%

Performing Arts Presenters and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy offers assistance to organizations who saw a 30% drop in revenues because of the pandemic. The program will be a huge relief for some presenting organizations, but ot...Read More

Dancers perform a lift before a crowd gathered in a public space.

A Strong Domestic Market for the Live Performance Sector

January 16, 2020 – “Strong domestic touring circuits are needed to create synergies with funding for creation/production and for creative export.” This remains the key message of the touri...Read More

Parliament building - #VoteArts2019

Federal Parties’ Engagements on Performing Arts Touring and Presenting

October 11, 2019 | Updated October 14, 2019 – CAPACOA collaborated with the Canadian Arts Coalition and with Festivals and Major Events to gather information on federal parties positions on arts and c...Read More

Exclamation announcement from bullhorn

Artists Mobility: Good and Bad News North and South of the Border

July 11, 2019 – Finding a balance between national interests and cross-border mobility of artists is a though act. Here is a series of positive and negative updates for the performing arts sector. Vis...Read More

CityFolk Festival

Additional Funding for Festivals and Series Presenters On Its Way

June 19, 2019 – The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism announced yesterday how the 2019 federal budget additional support for festivals and series presenters will be allocated and dist...Read More

Cultural Diplomacy at the Front Stage of Canada’s Foreign Policy

Senate Report Puts Cultural Diplomacy at the Front Stage

June 13 2019 – Cultural diplomacy should be a pillar of Canada’s foreign policy, affirms Senate Committee. After a year-long study on the role of arts and culture in foreign policy, the Senate Committ...Read More

Performance of The Hockey Sweater: A Musical

Performing Arts Expected to Contribute to Tourism Growth

May 28, 2019 – The federal government recently unveiled a comprehensive tourism strategy. Taking a whole-of-government approach, the strategy acknowledges the contribution of festivals and performing ...Read More

Investing in the Middle Class - Budget 2019

Budget 2019 Will Deliver More Arts Events in Canadian Communities

March 19, 2019 – The Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is pleased to see the government commit to a $16 million increase of the Canadian Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) over two years in the 2019 Federal Bu...Read More

CAPF Increase : Support Builds Up as Federal Budget Approaches

February 13, 2019 – Last month, we reported that 12 Members of Parliament had written to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of Finance to express their support for an increase to the C...Read More

Open Letter: Performing arts presenters need better support

January 21, 2019 – Ah, winter! For many Canadians, the season would surely be synonymous with hibernation were it not for the exceptional contribution of the arts – and of culture in general ...Read More

Another Step Towards an Increase to the CAPF

December 10, 2018 – After the resounding success of Arts Day on Parliament Hill, support for an increase to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund is now coming from the Standing Committee on Finance.

Arts Day, Weeks and Months

November 30, 2018 – Are you ever done building audiences? Never. The same goes with arts advocacy.

Doctors can soon prescribe visits to museum.

  October 12, 2018 – As we learned in various studies, Art Heals. That’s the philosophy behind a new initiative from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which will allow doctors to soon be abl...Read More

Let’s Increase Funding for Arts Presentation

October 9, 2018 – The federal government has increased funding to the Canada Council for the Arts and has launched the Creative Export Strategy. However, the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) remai...Read More

Visa Refusal Rates and New Biometrics Requirement Are About to Seriously Impede Artist Mobility

July 19, 2018 – An article in The Globe and Mail confirmed a worrying trend: visitor visa refusal rates are soaring. Moreover, visa applicants will soon be required to provide biometrics. Although vis...Read More

Streamlining of International Taxation: One Step Forward, Two Steps Forward

July 10, 2018 – Last month, the Canada Revenue Agency announced a new simplified taxation process for non-resident artists. As we pointed out, this simplified process is a step in the right direction,...Read More

Minister of Canadian Heritage Launches Creative Export Strategy

June 27, 2018 – On Tuesday, the Minister of Canadian Heritage officially launched Canada’s Creative Export Strategy, and she outline how she will invest the $125-million over 5 years allocated by the ...Read More

The Canada Revenue Agency Simplifies International Taxation in Response to Sector Recommendations

June 11, 2018 – The Canada Revenue Agency has put in place a simplified income tax process for non-resident artists and athletes. This administrative change is a direct outcome of advocacy carried by ...Read More

Cultural Diplomacy, among other Studies on Parliament Hill

June 5, 2018 – The Canadian Arts Coalition published a comprehensive update on parliamentary studies on culture. One of these studies could be particularly important for anyone involved in internation...Read More

North American Trade: From Hope to Rift

June 1, 2018 – For a couple months, we had been led to hope that a new NAFTA deal was about to be struck and that longstanding artist mobility barriers could be lifted. With yesterday’s announcement o...Read More

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