A dancer dressed in a plaid suit leaps on the street, in front of a reflective window.

Recovery continues in spite of inflation

The recovery of the live performance sector continued during the third quarter of 2022. Nominal GDP increased 2.8%. Jobs increased 5.3%.

A group of Canadian delegates meeting local artists. They are sitting in a circle, in a room with bright lights overhead, black walls and ceiling, a dark floor, and a wall of windows.

Forging Collaborative International Relationships at the 2023 Santiago a Mil Festival

CAPACOA was recently in Santiago, Chile for the 2023 edition of the Santiago a Mil Festival, known as one of the preeminent presenters of contemporary Latin American theatre and performing arts. Learn more and check out some photos!

Headshot of Kristina Lemieux. She has shoulder-length curly brown hair, glasses, and is wearing a dark green shirt with buttons, in front of a grey background.

Welcome Kristina Lemieux

We would like to officially welcome Kristina Lemieux (she/her) as our new Agents and Managers Program Coordinator. Learn more about Kristina and the program...

Crazy Smooth standing in front of a stone wall, looking out into the distance.

Eyes On… Crazy Smooth

This time we're featuring Crazy Smooth, one of Canada’s top street dance ambassadors, a dancer and choreographer, sought after instructor, judge, and community leader.

New Report Paves the Way for Better Representation of Indigenous Artists

The latest report from the Linked Digital Future Initiative paves the way for better representation of Indigenous artists in Wikidata.

Artists posing as guerilla wariors exhibiting weapons made of rubber hoses.

Visitor Visas: Simple Solutions to a Hefty Problem

Visitor visa delays is a major source of concern for international artists performing in Canada. Yet, there are solutions to this problem.

A photo of Milton running his right hand through his hair. In the background, you can see a body of water, the skyline of a city, and green trees.

Eyes On… Milton Lim

Welcome to our new series called Eyes On..., where we highlight some of our amazing members! This month we're featuring Milton Lim (he/him), an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC.

KIZABA and his band playing and singing with Alfredo on stage. The stage is covered in blue, purple and pink stage lights shining over the stage.

Canada shines at Circulart in Medellín, Colombia

Circulart is a cultural platform for music, which annually brings together arts presenters and music industry professionals from Latin America and around the world in the city of Medellín, Colombia. CAPACOA recently had the opportunity to attend the four-day event from November 3-6, 2022.

Audience members are standing in their seats, smiling and clapping, while enjoying a performance at Le Pôle culturel de Chambly.

Live performance sector picked up pace after lifting of restrictions

After a tough year’s start amid the sixth wave of the pandemic, the live performance sector bounced back in the second quarter of the year.

A group of delegates and artists crowded in a marketplace-type venue.

Rekindling the Spark Between Artists and Audiences

CAPACOA submitted its brief to the Standing Committee on Finance on October 7 as part of the pre-budget consultations for the 2023 budget. Learn more about our recommendations and read the full brief.


The IDENTIDADES International Festival of Performing Arts was held in Antofagasta, Chile from October 1-8, 2022. CAPACOA was fortunate to have the opportunity to bring five Canadian Indigenous arts leaders to the eighth edition of the festival just a few weeks ago.

Call for Applications: Canadian Artists

We are looking for Canadian artists to be featured in our 2023 Artist Snapshots Sessions.

Four people form a semicircle on stage, smiling and holding a series of hoops in their outstretched hands.

Indigenous Artists Shine Equally on our Stages as in the Constellation of Linked Data

Together, IPAA and CAPACOA worked to publish accurate and respectful information about Indigenous artists and their works through open data.

Truth and Reconciliation

We invite our members to join us in committing to reflecting on Canada’s colonial legacy and learning from Indigenous artists, activists and knowledge-keepers.

Call for Expressions of Interest to Join CAPACOA and Global Toronto’s Cultural Delegation to Circulart 2022

Expressions of interest are now open for Canadian Arts Presenters to join CAPACOA and Global Toronto's delegation at Circulart, November 3-6 2022.

Left side of image: Invitation to join the 2022-2023 Digital Discoverability Program, with the Linked Digital Future and Culture Creates logos. Right side: a hand holding a smartphone, displaying a Google search with detailed event information.

Call for Participation in the 2022-2023 Digital Discoverability Program

From Sept 2022 to March 2023, 20 members will work with Culture Creates to optimize the readability and discoverability of their events.

Red background with "IDENTIDADES International Festival of Performing Arts in the Atacama Desert" written beside a bear face with a sun eye.

Call for Expressions of Interest to Attend IDENTIDADES

Expressions of interest for Canadian Indigenous arts presenters are now open to attend INDENTIDADES International Festival October 1-5 2022.

Musician singing and playing guitar, with a drummer in the background.

Recovery slowed down amid fifth wave

The GDP growth of the live performance sector stalled during the first quarter of 2021, but employment performed better than other sectors.

Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund: Where to Apply

Learn more and apply now to The Canadian Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund (CPAWRF) through one of four recipient organizations.

Audience members at Cabaret-Théâtre du Vieux-Saint-Jean

The LIVE Directory: At the Crossroads of Performing Arts and Open Data

CAPACOA is thrilled to announce the launch of the LIVE Performing Arts Directory, the first of its kind entirely powered by open data.

Four participants from the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe/CAPACOA group posing shoulder to shoulder.

Expressions of Interest for Canadian Arts Presenters to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Expressions of Interest for Canadian Arts Presenters are now open for support to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 17 – 24 August, 2022.

Dancers performing with a live orchestra in the background.

Audiences need to be reminded of the benefits of attending

Mental health and trying something unique or different are among the top benefits that may compel audiences to attend live performances.

Man and woman wearing traditional clothing singing together.

Encouraging signs of recovery for the performing arts

The GDP and employment increases observed over the second half of 2021 echo government interventions announced a year before.

The musician on stage is standing in front of a microphone with blue stage lights shining behind them. They are holding a white electric guitar, with their head facing towards the ground.

Federal budget acknowledges uneven recovery, but leaves much to be desired

The 2022 federal budget provides little new funding for the performing arts sector. But we remain hopeful that the National Recovery Summit will provide another opportunity to address the needs of the industry.

Celeigh Cardinal is singing in front of a microphone.

Finding Our Way: National Town Hall Report

On January 25, CAPACOA welcomed members of the performing arts community to share their hopes for the future. Discussions around digital space, social inequity, and the climate crisis led to new discoveries.