On the Path to Recovery: Are Mandatory Vaccines for Audiences in the Mix?

As the performing arts sector opens its doors and welcomes back audience members, performing arts presenters are eager to determine how they can keep patrons safe, but creating safety protocols proves to be a logistical nightmare. One such protocol has been hotly debated – mandatory proof of vaccina...Read More

Open Letter to the Minister of Canadian Heritage

In these times of reopening borders, with theatres and concert halls in many countries welcoming audiences, we want to raise the question of the mobility of Canadian artists.

An orange photo with text saying "215: Every child matters" and CAPACOA's logo

TW: Residential Schools

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to the living survivors, family, friends and everyone grieving the discovery of the unmarked mass grave at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. We at CAPACOA are filled with sadness and we mourn those 215 Indigenous children, and the many other Ind...Read More

An IMDb for the Performing Arts?

For more than two years, CAPACOA and partner organizations have been laying the groundwork for a data ecosystem for the performing arts. Among other things, we have been assigning unique IDs to everything performing arts: artists, organizations, venues, productions and events. And we have been devel...Read More

View of the physically-distanced seating plan from the stage. Most seats are marked "reserved" leaving a few safely distanced bubbles.

A major boost for festivals in the 2021 federal budget

The 2021 federal budget provides funding for festivals and for music venues. But questions remain about the level of support for the rest of the live performance sector.

A blurred image saying "Sensitive Content"

A close-up shot of the live performance domain – May not be suitable for sensitive viewers

New quarterly indicators released today by Statistics Canada provide an accurate measure of the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the live performance domain.

Slide from the ARTS survey describing the percentages of time spent consuming content/events in-person and online during and post-pandemic. Key data points are highlighted in the caption.

Online performances remain a valuable alternative for many cultural consumers

More and more cultural consumers have watched and paid for online performances. For these consumers, "free" is a poor value proposition.

Employment in arts and culture industries, February 2021

While employment rebounded across the Canadian economy in February, the live performance sector took another dive. Self-employed artists and technicians, who had managed to hold on thanks to emergency support, are most severely impacted.

Town Hall with the Honourable Steven Guilbeault

Date: Thursday, March 25th, 2021 Time: 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm EST Location: Zoom Webinar Following the investments announced to support arts and live events workers in the 2020 Fall Economic Statement, CAPACOA is pleased to host a Town Hall with the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian H...Read More

Socially-distanced audience members wearing masks and talking while awaiting the start of the performance.

Government regulations and uncertainty about demand remain large obstacles for arts organizations

Government regulations were the top obstacle reported by arts, entertainment and recreation organizations, followed by demand-related concerns.

Online Performances And The Search for a Viable Business Model

Can the changes in the way we create and consume art in this era reshape the performing arts sector? Find answers from our two-part webinar.

Bold Budget Recommendations for the Rebuilding of the Live Performance Sector

On February 11, 2021, CAPACOA submitted a document titled Rebuilding the performing arts ecosystem after the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the Let’s Talk Budget 2021 consultation.

Silhouette of a woman's face

Untold Stories: COVID-19 and Artist Agents

“I don’t want to sugarcoat the truth; my business is very challenged at the moment.” This is what Tara Bailey, an agent dedicated to youth and family programming and owner of the Bailiwick Booking Agency, said in response to my question regarding her agency’s current situation during the pande...Read More

A sad person backstage, looking down.

2020: The Year One in Four Arts Worker Lost Their Job

The COVID pandemic took a particularly heavy toll on the arts sector in 2020. One in four arts, entertainment and recreation workers lost their job in 2020, compared to 2019. That’s 114,400 artists, technicians, marketing staff, arts administrators and other cultural workers who could no longer earn...Read More

A building with red lights, and the LightUpLive logo

Employment in arts and culture industries, December 2020

Employment declined in most industries in December, including the arts sector and in cultural industries in December 2020.

A picture of a string quartet finishing off a concert

Canadian Art Goers are Longing for Live Events

Audiences are yearning for live performances, and the demand for online performances might very well decrease once in-person events resume. This is what consumer surveys conducted in Alberta and Ontario are indicating.

The Art of Data Sharing Webinar

The Art of Data Sharing Webinar – Recording Now Available!

Open North partnered with CAPACOA to explore the use of a data charter to improve data collaboration in the Canadian performing arts sector. As part of this research, the two organizations held a webinar, The art of data sharing, to learn about how Apidae Tourisme, The Audience Agency, and la BTLF d...Read More

Photo of an empty theatre with a grand piano in the middle of the stage, lit up in red

Employment in arts and culture industries, November 2020

Last week, Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland announced that certain “fiscal guardrails will help [the government] establish when the stimulus will be wound down.” One of these indicators – total hours worked – is particularly fitted to account for under-employment in sectors, such as the arts, t...Read More

CAPACOA Appears before The House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

On Monday, November 30th at noon, CAPACOA appeared as witness, represented by its Director of Research and Development Mr. Frédéric Julien, at the invitation of The House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, in view of its study of Challenges and Issues Faced by the Arts, Culture, He...Read More

Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Arts Organizations: An Ongoing Labor

What is it Like to be an Indigenous Transgender Artist in Canada? Imagine that you’re invited to a dinner party, but you’ve only received your invitation that same afternoon a couple of hours before the party. You put on your best outfit in a hurry. When you arrive at the party, you find out that th...Read More

A nearly empty theatre, with seats marked for social distancing

Employment in arts and culture industries, October 2020

New public health restrictions ordered by provincial governments in response to spiking COVID-19 cases impacted many industries in October. Those that were already among the hardest hit reported further job losses.

Photo of three technicians looking at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre lit up in red lights

We Are All In This Together

“We all did a show, all together, from coast to coast in Canada. Now THAT is a first!” - Morgan Myler, co-founder, Live Event Community

An empty theatre lit up with red lights

Employment in arts and culture industries, September 2020

On September 22nd, nearly 700 venues lit up in red across the country to raise awareness of job losses among live event workers. As a matter of fact, all employment indicators in performing arts and entertainment industries once again fell in September.

Photo of a globe

CAPACOA’s International Market Development Initiative 2020 – Pilot Program

CAPACOA is pleased to announce the launch of its International Market Development Initiative (IMDI) - pilot program. This initiative will explore network development in the era of COVID-19, with a view to advantageously positioning Canada in a post recovery environment.  CAPACOA will facilitat...Read More

All Access Town Hall speakers

All Access Town Hall: Rebuilding Upon More Sustainable and Equitable Foundations – The Environment

Throughout the COVID crisis, many suggested that this is an opportunity for the arts sector to embrace new practices and policies. Could this be a chance to rethink and learn how to be more responsible when it comes to protecting our planet?

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