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Annual General Meeting

2020 Annual General Meeting

You are invited to attend CAPACOA’s Annual General Meeting that will take place online via Zoom on Friday October 30 at noon EDT.

In preparation for the meeting please find the following documents:

  1. 2020 AGM Agenda
  2. Minutes from the 2019 AGM for approval 
  3. To come – Audited Statements – Fiscal Year End, March 31st2020
  4. To come – CAPACOA Annual Report 2019-2020
  5. To come – Nomination Committee Report
  6. To come – Board nomination biographies
  7. 2020 Proxy Form

Registering to the AGM

Member Communication During the AGM

You will be able to communicate in writing at all times via instant chat, and you will also be able to ‘virtually’ raise your hand in order to indicate your wish to speak.