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Since 2010, CAPACOA has had an ongoing dialogue with Re:Sound regarding neighbouring rights for the use of recorded music. We work constructively with Re:Sound to define simple tariffs that offer fair compensation to right holders and that take into account the realities of performing arts organizations.

CAPACOA-Re:Sound Agreement

CAPACOA and Re:Sound have come to a settlement agreement in December 2014 for the payment of neighbouring rights royalties by CAPACOA members and members of affiliate networks. The terms of the settlement agreement have been communicated to members in a series of webinars (see below).

The certification of settlement tariffs by the Copyright Board, in September 2017, rendered this agreement obsolete. Guidance on the new tariffs has been issued to help members report for the 2017 calendar year and beyond.


Reporting Form (updated: for calendar year 2017 and beyond)

Understanding the New Re:Sound Tariffs – Webinar presentation, January 2018

Understanding the New Re:Sound Tariffs – Webinar recording, January 2018

Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in the Performing Arts – Web conference recording, January 2017

Understanding the New Re:Sound Tariffs

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Understanding the New Re:Sound Tariffs