Sue Urquhart headshot

Sue Urquhart
Executive Director 
Tel: 613-562-3515 ext. 2

A female Caucasian with long brown hair, brown eyes and a big smile.

Chandel Gambles
Membership and Programs Manager 
Tel: 613-562-3515 ext. 1

White man in a suit and wearing glasses.

Frédéric Julien
Director of Research and Development 
Tel : 613-562-3515 ext. 3

Close-up portrait of a young woman with long hair and a slight smile as she leans her head slightly to the right

Dessa Hayes
Digital Transformation Agent
Tel: 613-562-3515 ext. 5

Dorian VL Jensen
Indigenous Librarian

Pamela Feghali
Communications Associate

Victoria Del Mastro
Communications Intern

Britt Rolston
Arts Administrator and Program Coordinator Intern

Maggie Clarkin