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CAPACOA Agent Retreat 2019
CAPACOA Agent Retreat 2019

Agents and Managers are a crucial part of the presenting ecology. The role of the agent consist at being specialists in the circulation of works, artists and artistic companies; multipliers of commitments; collaborators in increasing the notoriety, recognition and influence of artists here and abroad.

Here are some key activities CAPACOA offers for agents and managers members and community:

Emerging Agents + Managers Professional Development Program

As part of CAPACOA’s continued commitment to supporting agents and managers working in the field, we are launching a virtual professional development program for emerging agents and managers. As part of this offering, we will be providing mentorship opportunities and a series of panels and digital workshops. The program aims to allow participants with different levels of experience in the sector to share knowledge, support the emergence of new, diverse voices, and identify solutions to sector barriers and challenges to make the sector more sustainable. 

Emerging and developing agents and managers are invited to learn from, and network with, established industry leaders. 

Check out our programming for 2023:

Specific committees to deal with ongoing issues

CAPACOA works closely with different agents and managers committees when various issues arises.

Covid-19 Crisis Committee

At the beginning of the Covid-19 Crisis, a committee of agents and managers was quickly put together to deal with the various outcomes of this crisis but also to help support the community during this time. This committee met weekly and also supported the organization of bi-weekly larger online meetings of the entire Canadian agents and managers community for either discussions among peers or specific webinars led by experts.

CAPACOA Conference Committee

For each conference CAPACOA put together a committee of agents and managers to help us plan the event, mostly the exhibit hall and the one to ones meetings.

Various CAPACOA Committees

It is important for CAPACOA to always have a good representation of it’s entire membership on all of its committees, if you are interested in joining one of the CAPACOA committees, please connect with us.

 Discussion Group

CAPACOA invites all Canadian Agents and Managers to join its Facebook discussion group. This group was created after an action item from the annual agent and manager retreat and has been active ever since. You can share information, ask specific questions and learn about ongoing meetings or webinars. Join here!

 Annual Agents and Managers Retreats

Agent and Managers Retreat 2019

Since 2016, CAPACOA has been organizing yearly Agents and Managers retreats. One of the goals of these yearly retreats is to   clarify, discover, articulate and plan how CAPACOA and the Agents and Managers can work more effectively together. It also  served as a catalyst to create strong relationship between it’s participants. The role of the agent/manager is sometimes done is often in solitary, the retreat helped to open the communications channels between its community members.

 Here are a few example of some of the specif objectives of some of these events:
  • Greater sense of national community
  • More aware of opportunities/what we should be doing/practical ideas
  • Greater understanding of specific challenges
  • How to motivate/measure success
  • Digital Strategies – Social Media strategy
  • Music Platforms – Understanding and Utilizing

If you are interest in participating in an upcoming retreat, please contact us.

Shared exhibit halls booths

APAP 2017, Boulevart, You Will Love it Live and KBAM Kevin Bruce Management

Each year, CAPACOA organizes, along with the help from Canada Council for the Arts, a delegation of agents and managers to share its exhibit hall booth at the yearly APAP Conference in New York. The goal of this is to facilitate the experience for our members. Most of the participants are first time APAP attendees, this gives them a way to experience if the event is valuable for them without being too much cost prohibitive.