2018 Proceedings

Here are the presentations and other materials provided during the 2018 CAPACOA professional development sessions.

Shifts and Rifts in Arts Attendance: Hard Truths and The Way Towards Renewal

The trend is clear: audiences are moving away from traditional performing arts facilities and their traditional programming. Over the last year, two major surveys delivered a wealth of information on the cultural participation of Canadians, their motivations and what they expect from a cultural experience. Among other things, the Access and Availability Survey and Culture Track Canada revealed that the business model of ticketed performing arts attendance is in alarming decline. This session provided an opportunity to ponder over such findings.

Presentation on the Arts and Heritage Access and Availability Survey

Presentation on Culture Track Canada

Arts and Heritage Access and Availability Survey – Complete report and data tables

Culture Track Canada – Complete report and data tables

“Downward slope?” and other articles and posts reflecting on these two surveys

Democratizing For Whom? Cultural Citizenship and The Quest for Meaning

In recent years, cultural citizenship has emerged as a new action-oriented approach to complement the cultural democratization policy framework. Moreover, it provides a set of interesting answers to the relevance gaps identified in audience research, as well as to societal challenges pertaining to inclusion and social cohesion.

Presentation on Cultural Citizenship by Réseau Québec Culture

Presentation on ATSA’s cultural citizenship approach

Video trailer of “While having a soup”

Video on the “Cuisine ta ville” project

Data Mutualization: New Ethics of Collaboration, Deeper Audience Insights

In the golden age of data, are arts organizations making the most of their own patron information? Likely not. Short of a data culture, of a critical amount of data or of analytics skills, many organizations miss out on the tremendous benefits of data analytics: insights on consumer behaviour, geolocation, audience segmentation, prediction, benchmarking, upselling, cross-selling.

Presentation on TRG and the Arts Key Metrics Study

Presentation on the Quartier des spectacles partnership

Meanwhile in Other Spaces: New Modes of Engagement in Libraries

Public libraries, like other cultural institutions, have had to face the hard reality of societal shifts that changed dramatically the way their communities used and viewed their services. The technological revolution, changing demographics, economic downturns and globalization have all had impact on the use of public libraries. Rather than viewing declining business levels as a fait accompli, libraries embraced the hard work of re-envisioning themselves and making transformational changes to their service models.

Presentation on Vancouver Public Library

Presentation on Halifax Public Libraries

“Notes from the Hippest Place in the World” – A session recap by Nadia Ross

Taxation (Un)Easiness

After years of advocacy, Canada finally introduced a simplified taxation process for non-resident artists. Hailed as a positive step forward, this simplified process nonetheless has important limitations which are important for everyone to understand.

Presentation on the simplified taxation process