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National Performing Arts Organizations Appoint an Indigenous Librarian

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CAPACOA, the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance and the NAC Indigenous Theatre are proud to announce the appointment of Dorian Jensen to the position of Indigenous Librarian.

Dorian VL Jensen

Dorian Jensen is a longtime singer, occasional actor, and library technician-in-training. In the decade he’s lived in Ottawa, he’s performed with a half-dozen choirs, several community theatre companies, and various ad hoc small ensembles. Originally from Winnipeg, he is proudly Red River Métis and has been involved with Indigenous and Two-Spirit advocacy within both local and national organizations, as well as independently. He is an avid reader and music fan, and has been an occasional reviewer for The Singles Jukebox since 2014, under the name “Dorian Sinclair”. He’s thrilled to be joining CAPACOA and to have the opportunity to use his administrative and data management experience in a position that lies at the intersection of performing arts and Indigenous community work.

Advancing Indigenous Data Sovereignty

The new Indigenous Librarian position is part of CAPACOA’s continuing Digital Transformation work, functioning as a self-contained initiative within the Artsdata project. The Indigenous Librarian will support CAPACOA’s work with the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) and the NAC Indigenous Theatre in documenting and publishing information about Indigenous artists, their works, and the performances in which they are featured.

This work will align with the principles of Indigenous data sovereignty, particularly the recommendations established in the Indigenous Artists and Wikidata report from December of 2022. The Librarian will also contribute to the development of new documentation approaches that respect Indigenous knowledge and cultural practices.


  • Ten years ago, the National Arts Centre (NAC), along with many partners and collaborators, embarked on a project referred to as The First Cycle: Indigenous Theatre. The project led to the creation of the NAC Indigenous Theatre. 
  • A few years later IPAA set out to document the Indigenous Body of Work, a living document that highlights the incredible breadth of work created by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit artists across Turtle Island.
  • In 2022, IPAA implemented a Data Sovereignty Strategy while CAPACOA led in parallel the action research project Indigenous Artists and Wikidata.
  • These initiatives have been naturally converging and the three partners wish to spur further synergies through the creation of the Indigenous Librarian position.


The Canadian Association for the Performing Arts/l’Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA) is a national arts service organization supporting the performing arts touring and presenting community. CAPACOA represents 150 professional for-profit and not-for-profit presenters, festivals, presenter networks, artistic companies, agents, managers and other stakeholders working across the presenting and touring sector in Canada. Collectively, our network members represent nearly 2000 professional and volunteer organizations, associations and companies. CAPACOA’s mission is to cultivate a vibrant, healthy and equitable performing arts ecosystem, from artists to audiences.

About the National Arts Centre’s Indigenous Theatre

NAC Indigenous Theatre: Our stories are medicine.  

The Indigenous Theatre Department at the NAC nurtures, develops and showcases Indigenous stories at the NAC and in communities all over Canada. Our mission is to honour our storytellers and thereby aid in the retention, resurgence and resilience of the multiple and diverse Indigenous cultures of this land. 

About the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance

The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance is a member-driven organization of professional Indigenous performing artists and arts organizations. IPAA serves as a collective voice for its members and for Indigenous performing arts in Canada. IPAA provides leadership, support, representation, advocacy, and practical assistance for the national development of Indigenous performing arts. 

About the Artsdata Project

The Indigenous Librarian position is part of the Artsdata Linked Open Data Ecosystem project, led by CAPACOA on behalf of the performing arts sector. This project is funded by the Government of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Written by Frédéric Julien
Frédéric Julien has been leading research and development activities at the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts since 2010. In this capacity, he has directed or authored several key research initiatives such as The Value of Presenting, Vital Signs: Arts and Belonging, Digitizing the Performing Arts, as well as many analyses of Statistics Canada data series. Frédéric also leads the Linked Digital Future initiative, which seeks to enhance the discoverability of the performing arts.

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