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New Report Paves the Way for Better Representation of Indigenous Artists

Original work of art on report cover: Mike Alexander, Animiiki, 2022, oil on canvas.

Indigenous artists have historically been underrepresented or inaccurately represented in library catalogs and in knowledge sharing platforms such as Wikipedia. The latest report from the Linked Digital Future Initiative addresses this issue in relation to Wikidata, an open knowledge base that is part of the Wikimedia movement. 

The report describes the findings from individual and group consultations led with Indigenous artists over the last two years. It identifies good practices for populating information about Indigenous artists in Wikidata. It also offers recommendations for the Wikimedia community.

“Wikidata may not be for every Indigenous artist. As a matter of fact, most artists to whom we spoke felt that Wikidata was “not for them”. Yet, Wikidata – and other similar databases – should be inclusive and respectful so that every Indigenous artist can be represented in Wikidata, on their own terms.”

Brit Johnston, co-author of the report.

What does a Wikidata entry for an Indigenous artist look like? 

The report includes many links to Wikidata items for artists such as Barbara DiaboOlivia C. DaviesElisapie Isaac and Margo Kane

If you want to learn more about Wikidata, check out these tutorials or contact us.

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