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A pan-Canadian knowledge graph for the Arts is

An open knowledge graph of performing arts data, accessible to everyone.

A community of data users, providers and consumers. connects nearly one hundred sources together: websites of performing arts presenters, industry platforms, membership directories, cultural calendars, open knowledge bases, etc. (see the complete list).

Figure showing the Artsdata knowledge graph in the centre, and various data contributors and consumers around it.

Examples of Applications Using Data From Artsdata

  • Tout Culture, Signé Laval and DICI
    These cultural calendars reuse existing event data and enrich it by linking events to data about artists and organizations.
  • LIVE Performing Arts Directory
    This directory gathers information and content from multiple sources and enhances it through Artsdata.

How to engage with Artsdata

  • If you are an arts service organization or if you manage a performing arts application, talk to us to find out how you could contribute and/or use data from Artsdata.
  • If you are a performing arts organization and you present or tour shows, consider applying to our Digital Discoverability Program to receive coaching on SEO, on structured data and on ways to contribute your event information to Artsdata.
  • If you host a conference and deliver professional development sessions, consider inviting us to present one of our Digital Presence sessions.
Man introducing a session topic in front of participants sit in a semi-circle.
Frédéric Julien leading a session on “Digital Presence 102” at Pacific Contact, in April 2024.

Background information

For more than a decade, CAPACOA has been championing the digital transformation of the performing arts through endeavours such as:

Digital Innovation Council

Linked Digital Future Initiative

In 2017, technology company Culture Creates and Canadian Stage (later replaced by Crow’s Theater) teamed up and created Artsdata, an open knowledge graph.

A year later, CAPACOA joined the Artsdata project and started contributing to its development through concrete actions and funding.

The community of Artsdata contributors grew over time and, in 2022, they formed the Artsdata Community Group, a governing body for Artsdata.

Since 2023, Artsdata is managed by CAPACOA, on behalf of the Artsdata Community Group.

16 persons, mostly women, around a large table.
Meeting of the Artsdata Community Group held in Montréal, on January 25, 2024. Credit: Gregory Saumier-Finch.


Artsdata is funded by the Government of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.