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CAPACOA submits recommendations for the continuation and recovery of the live performance sector

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Just six months ago, CAPACOA was asking the federal government to invest in the domestic touring and presenting market. Today, the live performance sector has been devastated by the COVID pandemic, and federal support is more necessary than ever.

Pre-budget recommendations

CAPACOA’s pre-budget submission in advance of the 2021 federal budget reiterates our long-standing plea for permanent investments in touring and presenting programs. It also brings forth new recommendations for emergency and recovery support in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Here are our six recommendations for the 2021 federal budget:

  1. That the government makes permanent the two-year supplements for live performance funding programs announced in the 2019 federal budget and currently set to terminate on March 31st, 2021.
  2. That the government provides financial assistance for pandemic retrofitting capital investments in live performance venues.
  3. That the government extends and expands the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy as long as government-mandated restrictions on gatherings of over 2,500 are in effect, plus the three-month period following reopening.
  4. That the government adapts the CEWS to permit organizations with seasonal fluctuations in monthly receipts to defer accessing the wage subsidy to the periods when it is most needed, according to their own needs.
  5. That the government adapts the Canada Emergency Response Benefit or implements a new form of income support to ensure self-employed workers continue to receive basic support throughout the emergency and recovery period in the live performance sector.
  6. That the government intensifies efforts to collect sales tax and income tax from multinational corporations that conduct business in Canada.

The tragedy that must be told

CAPACOA’s pre-budget submission also depicts, with stories and factual information, what it means for a sector to be first out and last to reopen: sustained job losses and high risks of closure for many venues, organizations and businesses.

“As provinces and territories are rolling out their reopening plans, the live performance sector finds itself at the tail end of those plans. … It may well take a vaccine before live performance activities can recover any kind of profitability and revenues flow across the entire value chain. Many organizations and businesses – especially those operating a live performance venue – may not survive this long without ongoing assistance from the federal government.”

Excerpt from CAPACOA’s pre-budget brief

How you can help

There’s no denying. The statistics are clear. The live performance sector has been more deeply affected by public health restrictions than almost all other industries, including restaurants and hotels.

You know that. But does your Member of Parliament know?

Call, email or send a letter to your MP now

Share the brief. Make sure your MP knows the facts, knows your story. And takes actions.

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