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Fall Economic Statement: Anger and Incomprehension in Culture

More than 30 groups united under the #AvenirDuSPECTACLE umbrella react

The Artcirq troupe performing at Alianait Festival in Iqaluit. Photo credit: Vincent Desrosiers.

Under the #FutureofLIVE umbrella, more than 30 Canadian associations representing live performance organizations are reacting to the Fall Economic Statement with anger and total incomprehension.

The sector was hopeful that the Fall Economic Statement would extend an $8 million per year investment in the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF). This investment was initially made in 2019 as part of a budget commitment to enhance base funding for artists and cultural events. In the absence of an announcement in the Fall Economic Statement, arts organizations are now bracing for cutbacks averaging 23% as of April 1st, 2024 — unless the 2024 Budget turns the tide at the eleventh hour.

Live performance associations continue to insist that the one-off funds added to the CAPF and to Building Communities through Arts and Heritage (BCAH) since 2019 be permanently integrated into the base budgets of both programs.

According to the associations, a real and historic catch-up is required, not marginal adjustments. They are requesting an increase of $21M to the CAPF and $9M to BCAH, in addition to the temporary funds extended on a piecemeal basis since 2019.

These two key programs support over 1,500 clients across every province and territory, including venues, events and festivals. For these organizations, the current situation is jeopardizing their ability to keep culture alive, to support artists and artisans, and to balance their budgets, all while generating cultural, social and economic benefits for their communities.

The list of associations that support the #FutureOfLIVE campaign and that have issued this press release can be found here.

– 30 –

Source: #FutureOfLIVE and participating associations

Backgrounder: Here (EN) | Ici (FR) 

Info: Frédéric Julien, Canadian Association for the Performing Arts (CAPACOA)

#FutureOfLIVE - No Cutbacks in Culture
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Written by Frédéric Julien
Frédéric Julien has been leading research and development activities at the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts since 2010. In this capacity, he has directed or authored several key research initiatives such as The Value of Presenting, Vital Signs: Arts and Belonging, Digitizing the Performing Arts, as well as many analyses of Statistics Canada data series. Frédéric also leads the Linked Digital Future initiative, which seeks to enhance the discoverability of the performing arts.

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