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Negotiations with Re:Sound Underway

May 28, 2013 – CAPACOA and its partners have been in discussion for many months with Re:Sound around the certified and proposed tariffs for use of music recordings, and are optimistic we will have a resolution before the end of the calendar year.

There are several underlying principles that are guiding our negotiations:

  • Ease of use for licensees;
  • Higher compliance to increase cost-effectiveness of licence collection;
  • Lowest reasonable tariffs for licensees and highest possible royalties for artists and record companies (as a result of cost-effectiveness).

CAPACOA endorses the right of those represented by Re:Sound to be compensated fairly for the use of their work. However, rightful concerns have been raised to the effect that the current and proposed tariffs may cause financial or administrative hardship to some presenting organizations. CAPACOA seeks to ensure a flexible tariff structure that takes into account the diversity of the presenting and touring sector.

It should be noted that Re:Sound is agreeable to working together to mitigate concerns and help to educate potential licensees. At our request they have prepared an information letter for CAPACOA members:

“We recognize that the certification of our inaugural Live Events tariffs has led to many questions, and that the information available to Canadian businesses and organisations can seem complicated at first glance. Re:Sound is committed to working with CAPACOA and its members to help navigate the tariffs that may apply for the use of recorded music at their venues and events. Re:Sound is currently in discussion with CAPACOA to help ensure compliance with our tariffs is as uncomplicated and reasonable as possible for members of the presenting and touring sector”

Martin Gangnier, Director of Licensing at Re:Sound.

We continue to encourage CAPACOA members to (a) use the template letter on our website should you receive an invoice and/or (b) call the licensing department to help Re:Sound understand your organizations specific needs and response to the tariffs.

CAPACOA is working to ensure the best interests of its members remain at the heart of the negotiations and is helping Re:Sound to better understand not only how members use recorded music, but also the importance of our sector in terms of its impact on the overall health of the music industry in Canada.

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