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Streamlining, Please

December 13, 2016 – Further to several meetings with the Canada Revenue Agency, the Performing Arts Tax Working Group is re-issuing today a series of recommendations for the enhancement of non-resident taxation.

Dhol Foundation appeared at Small World Music Stage presented by Exodus Travels in September 2016. With band members residing in three different countries, compliance with Canada’s non-resident taxation proved to be particularly challenging.
Dohl Foundation

Last week, the Standing Committee on Finance recommended that the “Government of Canada undertake a comprehensive tax review with the objective of simplifying the Income Tax Act.” On the very same day, the Performing Arts Tax Working Group met for the third time with the Canada Revenue Agency to explore ways of simplifying the taxation of non-resident artists.

Although we can still not report any tangible outcome from our meetings with the CRA, we have at least been able to identify new avenues to lighten the burden of non-resident taxation. These new solutions were added to the Performing Arts Tax Working Group’s recommendation brief, which was sent today to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Revenue and the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

“These recommendations are in line with the long-standing recommendations by the Standing Committee of Finance and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada to undertake a comprehensive tax review with the objective of simplifying the Income Tax Act. It will soon be ten years since the Advisory Panel on Canada’s System of International Taxation, and so it would be an auspicious time to truly modernize and streamline Canada’s international taxation regime.”
Excerpt from the letter to the Minister of Finance

Read the Recommendation Brief

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