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Cultural Diplomacy, among other Studies on Parliament Hill

June 5, 2018 – The Canadian Arts Coalition published a comprehensive update on parliamentary studies on culture. One of these studies could be particularly important for anyone involved in international tours and market development.

Under the leadership of CAPACOA, the Coalition has been closely invovled in the Study on the impact and utilization of Canadian culture and arts in Canadian foreign policy and diplomacy, conducted by the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade. This very broad study looks at issues that have tangible, direct bearings on the activities of Canadian artists, agents and presenters.

In February, Canadian Arts Coalition and CAPACOA submitted a first brief exploring national and international frameworks supporting or restricting cultural diplomacy: artist mobility (i.e., work and visa regulations), international taxation, and intellectual property.

Renuka Bauri and Frédéric Julien at the SenateThen, on April 26, Frédéric Julien and Renuka Bauri of the Canadian Arts Coalition appeared before the Senate Standing Committee. Their presentation provided supplemental information on legislative and regulatory issues, and it seemed to have captured the Senators’ attentions. Members of the Committee asked several questions covering a wide range of topics.

Further to this hearing, the Coalition assembled detailed answers and technical information in response to questions raised by members of the Committee. This supplementary brief was submitted to the Chair and the Clerk of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, on May 29.

This study has been an opportunity for CAPACOA to reinforce advocacy efforts related to the NAFTA renegociation and with the Performing Art Tax Working Group. As these files are respectively undergoing regress and progess, the study on cultural diplomacy could send strong signals about next steps for the sector and for the government.


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