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Six Facts You Must Know (and Share) in 2016

January 7, 2016 – In hundreds of communities across Canada, people and organizations are devoting their skills to bring together touring artists and audiences. Here is the realm of performing arts presentation in six infographics and detailed statistics.

Festivals and series presenters pay more than $200 million in artistic fees per year.

$2.1 billion: the Gross Domestic Product of live performances in Canada in 2010.

57,000 live performance jobs in Canada in 2010.

Participation in the performing arts predicts civic engagement, volunteerism, tolerance, and altruism.

Performing arts presenters are community builders. Three in four presenting organizations form partnerships to enrich the community.

People who attend performing arts activities have been shown to be significantly healthier, have lower anxiety and be less subject to depression.

These infographics highlight key findings from the Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account, from Trends Among Recipients of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, from The Value of Presenting, as well as from many other studies. They are available as stand-alone infographics (optimized for social media sharing), as a single image, and as a PDF. All are free to use, so share them widely.

The text version, sources and detailed notes are available in a print-ready handout. More performing arts statistics are also available in our arts promotion pages.

Full infographic

Full infographic


Other versions

Download as PDF

Text version, with sources and notes


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