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CAPACOA Undertakes Another Round of Negotiation with Re:Sound

August 13, 2015 – Just a few months after concluding the successful 2012-2015 negotiations, CAPACOA is now set to undertake a new round of negotiation on the Re:Sound 2016-2020 tariffs.

Sound mixerThe Re:Sound Tariff No. 5.A-J – Use of Music to Accompany Live Events were filed for renewal with the Copyright Board this spring and were subsequently published in the Canada Gazette. We were pleased to note that the 2012-2015 settlement tariffs negotiatied by CAPACOA were integrated in the proposed tariffs: their application and royalty structures are exactly as we had agreed on with Re:Sound, but the proposed royalties are higher than what we had negotiated. For the sake of obtaining a formal objector status, CAPACOA filed a letter of objection with the Copyright Board. As the letter highlights: “CAPACOA intends to undertake constructive discussions with Re:Sound in order to attempt to resolve our objection before the hearing phase of the proceedings.”

Thus, CAPACOA will conduct this next round of negotiation in a similar fashion as the previous one. We will seek simple, efficient and fair tariffs for users and right holders. We will also continue to aim for consolidation wherever a given use of music is subject to distinct tariffs. We welcome comments and suggestions from our members partners throughout the negotiations, which should take us well into 2016.

As a reminder, the deadline for reporting and remitting royalties for the 2015 calendar year will be on January 31, 2016. CAPACOA members and members of affiliate networks will be able to report according to the terms of CAPACOA-Re:Sound Agreement, using the CAPACOA reporting form. Please contact us to obtain the password.

For more information on neighbouring rights and how they are established, we invite you to consult our “What you should know” page, as well as Re:Sound’s FAQ.  



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