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Federal Parties’ Engagements on Performing Arts Touring and Presenting

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October 11, 2019 | Updated October 14, 2019 – CAPACOA collaborated with the Canadian Arts Coalition and with Festivals and Major Events to gather information on federal parties positions on arts and culture. Here is the latest information.

Overall culture platforms have been analyzed by Orchestras Canada and the Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Rather than repeating the same exercise, we are supplementing these meta-analyses with specific information on programs that directly affect the touring and presenting sector.

The 2019 federal budget invested $40 million over three years in three programs that support various live performance activities:

  • $16 million over two years to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund;
  • $24 million over two years to the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program and the Celebration and Commemoration Program.

Would the federal parties extend these investments beyond their two-year term, in March 2021?

And would they consider investing further?

Here is the information that we found or that we were provided by the parties. The information is presented in the order and in the language that it was provided in.

New Democratic Party

In a letter to FAME, the NDP wrote:

“A New Democrat government would explore funding options to better support Canadian and Indigenous artists, including long term funding for CAPF and BCAH.”

Green Party of Canada

In a letter to FAME, the Green Party wrote:

“Yes, a Green government will continue the recent funding increases.”

“Greens will seek increased or new funding for artists and art events that tour Canada’s rural regions”.

Liberal Party of Canada

In an email to FAME, the Liberal Party wrote:

“To ensure that more people have access to Canadian culture here and around the world, and to ensure that Canadian artists can continue to tell our stories, we will continue to make important investments and the arts and culture to promote growth in this very important sector.”

In a clarification email to CAPACOA, the Liberal Party wrote:

“The Budget provided for funding for a period of 2 years. The benefits of the program will be reassessed by Budget 2021. The sustainability of funding will be analysed based on the achievement of the results”

Bloc Québécois

In a letter to FAME, the Bloc Québécois wrote:

« Oui. Le Bloc Québécois croit qu’il est nécessaire de permettre une planification à long terme des événements. »

Conservative Party of Canada

The CPC’s platform includes this commitment:

“To better support local festivals, community anniversaries, and important community events, we will extend the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program for an additional three years.”

People’s Party of Canada

The PPC’s platform doesn’t include specific information relative to the three programs supporting live performance activities.

There is a lot more in each party’s platform beyond the above information. Stakeholders of the touring and presenting sector might for example be interested to know where the parties stand on the Canada Council for the Arts, on creative export and on many other issues.

For more details on each party’s engagements for arts and culture, visit the #VoteArts2019 Toolkit of the Canadian Arts Coalition, or consult the analyses of Orchestras Canada and the Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

For more details on how to vote, visit the website of Elections Canada.

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