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Agents and Managers Industry Survey of the Effects of Covid-19 in Canada

CAPACOA Agent Retreat 2019
CAPACOA Agent Retreat 2019

Agents and Managers play a vital and intricate role in the performing arts sector in Canada. Working on behalf of artists, they forge relationships with Regional Presenting Networks and presenters across the country and internationally. There are approximately 75 Canadian Agent and Management companies dedicated to this specific risk sector of the non-commercial artform of the performing
arts. With an individual average of 21 years in the industry, they are the catalyst of culture at home and in bringing Canadian artists abroad. They are an essential part of the performing arts ecology and together, represent over 10,000 singers, musicians, bands, choirs, theatre, children’s theatre, and dance and circus companies.

In March 2020, the Canadian and Provincial governments imposed restrictions on public events to help control the spread of COVID-19. The performing arts sector suffered immediate cancellations and continues to wait for restrictions to be lifted and events to recommence in manners appropriate with the continuation of social distancing practices.

An immediate survey of Agents and Managers recognized by the industry was conducted by the COVID-19 Crisis Committee in conjunction with NAPAMA Canada and CAPACOA to measure the effects and impacts of these cancellations. The sector has seen drastic short-term impacts, and longterm repercussions will continue to mount. The future implications of social distancing policies will continue to directly and dramatically affect the performing arts sector.

Key findings from the survey

  • Sampled included 36 agencies across Canada, consisting of 50 agents and staff representing over 1,500 artists consisting of all artistic genre that includes Juno, Grammy, National and International Competition winners, recording artists, and others.
  • In the first 6 month period, starting March 1, 2020 a total of 2,683 events were affected, representing an approximate total of $3.2 million in artist fees.
  • At the one year mark of March 1, 2021, $7,687,488 in artistic fees will have been lost under the current conditions.

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