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CAPACOA Submits a Smart and Caring Brief

July 22, 2013 – Equipped with findings from The Value of Presenting study, CAPACOA made the case for investments in the well-being of Canadians through arts and culture in its annual brief to the Standing Committee on Finance.

This year’s brief contains a single recommendation, which is to

Renew investment in the complete suite of arts programs and cultural industries programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage, and ensure that the impact of these programs is sustained by indexing the investment to the annual cost of living.

This request is particularly time-sensitive as many Canadian Heritage programs, such as the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, are expiring by March 31, 2015 and their renewal must be included in the 2014 Federal Budget in order to ensure continuity in their delivery. Learn more about program renewal and how you can get involved.

Using findings from The Value of Presenting study and other recent research, the brief makes the case that “many individual and societal benefits of arts participation are deserving of attention for their impact on well-being and for their important derivative effects on the economy.” The brief picks up on Governor General David Johnston’s call to build a smart and caring nation, as well as on international efforts to establish culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development in order to to provide a more holistic view of public investments in arts and culture.

CAPACOA Pre-budget Brief 2013: Building a Smart and Caring Nation Through Sustained Investments in Arts and Culture

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