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Performing Arts and Metadata: CAPACOA and the National Arts Centre Host the Third Stage of the Digital Tour – Tournée numérique

Performing Arts and Metadata

May 2, 2019 – CAPACOA and the National Arts Center invite artists, workers and cultural organizations in the Outaouais and Ottawa region to take part to the Digital Tour – Tournée numérique organized by Culture Outaouais, Théâtre Action and Arts Network Ottawa. The next event will take place on May 21st and will involve a series of presentations, demonstrations and discussions on the importance of metadata in the performing arts.

In the last ten years, the consumer path-to-purchase in the performing arts has been completely disrupted. Among many things, consumers seek out and share information about upcoming events through digital channels mediated by search and recommendation algorithms.  How well can a non-physical, non-digital object such as a live performing arts event be found, considered, consumed and shared in the digital world of algorithms? And how can its fundamental characteristics – time and place – be used as assets when consumers are growing used to access digital contents anytime, anywhere and on any device?

This roundtable will provide participants with opportunities to learn about the latest research and development related to findability and discoverability of live performance via search and recommendation technologies such as AI-powered personal assistants.



May 21, 2019 – 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

National Arts Centre, Rossy Pavillon

In collaboration with Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) and National Arts Centre

Program and registration:


The Digital Tour – Tournée numérique is a unique event organized by Culture Outaouais, Théâtre Action and Arts Network Ottawa to demystify and concretely appropriate the digital world in a series of 5 events and a groundbreaking meeting between of 14 arts and culture organizations from across both sides of the Ottawa River.


The Canadian Arts Presenting Association/l’Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA) serves the performing arts touring and presenting community through its commitment to integrate the performing arts into the lives of all Canadians. CAPACOA takes initiative in providing leadership, knowledge, communications, skills development and advocacy on behalf of its members and within the arts presenting community.


The National Arts Centre collaborates with artists and arts organizations across Canada to help create a national stage for the performing arts, and acts as a catalyst for performance, creation and learning across the country.

A home for Canada’s most creative artists, the NAC strives to be artistically adventurous in each of its programming streams – the NAC Orchestra, English Theatre, French Theatre, Indigenous Theatre and Dance, as well as NAC Presents, which showcase established and emerging Canadian artists. The NAC is also a pioneer in new media, using technology to teach students and young artists around the globe, by creating top-rated podcasts, and providing a wide range of NAC Orchestra concerts on demand.


Edwige Horreaux
Communications Officer
Culture Outaouais
819-595-2601, ext. 221


Frédéric Julien
Director of Research and Development
613-562-3515, ext. 3

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