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November is Arts and Health Month

November 1, 2016 – November is Arts & Health Month, an internationally-recognized month to celebrate and raise awareness about arts’ contributions to health, healing and wellbeing. As the field gains momentum worldwide, we’re adding our voices to the global Arts & Health conversation and we invite you to join us!

Arts & Health Month - November 2016

Here are a series of activities proposed by Arts Health Network Canada to celebrate arts and health.

Social Media Campaign #artshealthmonth

From November 1 to 30, participate in the #artshealthmonth social media campaign by uploading photos/videos of Arts & Health projects to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. Use the #artshealthmonth hashtag, and #Canada if you have room in your 140 character post, as other countries have been invited to participate too!

Arts & Health Month Challenge

People who attend performing arts activities have been shown to be significantly healthier, have lower anxiety and be less subject to depression.

“We invite people to tell us their stories – in words or videos or pictures – of how they have integrated art into their daily life and its impact on their mood and energy level,” Ludmila Jagiellicz, president of the board of directors for Arts Health Network Canada. “We call it the ‘Arts Health Month Challenge’. Arts activities could be listening to music, going dancing, painting a picture or taking a photograph. We hope people will see that these small, individual acts can make difference.” Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily prompts, and tag us with your progress using the #artshealthmonth hashtag.

You can also:

Arts and Health Month – Background

November Arts & Health Month was originally launched by the Global Alliance for Arts & Health/Society for the Arts in Healthcare in the United States as an opportunity for organizations and individuals worldwide to promote the integration of the arts—including literary, performing, and visual arts and design—into a wide variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes. In 2015, Arts & Health leaders from around the world agreed to continue promoting Arts & Health Month in November as a time to host awareness-raising events, heighten media attention, celebrate the positive impact the arts can have on health, wellbeing & health-service delivery and encourage more people to engage with the arts, for the health of it!



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