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Advocating Access to the Performing Arts

A crowd of audience members with their hands in the air during a performance.
OBGMs @ Modern Love. Sled Island 2023. Photo by Michael Grondin.

Since the last federal budget, festival and series presenters have been quite concerned with the government’s support of the live performance sector. Although supplemental funds for the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program have been extended, they are still waiting for a stable, long-term commitment from the federal government. And clients of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund are bracing for imminent cuts. Now more than ever, the performing arts sector needs predictable and enhanced funding that the artistic community can thrive on. If this is not provided, Canadians’ access to the performing arts will be negatively impacted.

CAPACOA submitted its brief to the Standing Committee on Finance today as part of the pre-budget consultations for the 2024 budget.

The brief is based on extensive analysis of economic indicators, administrative data about the two programs, research on cultural participation, as well as consultations with sector stakeholders.

Summary of recommendations 

Predictable and enhanced programming support

  • Make permanent the two-year supplementary investments in the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) and the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage (BCAH) program, first announced in the 2019 budget and subsequently extended in the 2021 and 2023 budgets.
  • Invest an additional $30 million per year in these two programs ($21 million for CAPF and $9 million for BCAH) to support the adaptation and growth of the live performance sector in the post-pandemic era.

“The supplemental funding played an instrumental role in our ability to continue providing quality work opportunities to artists during the pandemic, and allowed us to cope with a huge cost increase to artist fees and travel for our 2023 festival.” 

Maud Salvi, Sled Island Music & Arts Festival, in response to the CAPF Impact Survey conducted in June.
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