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All Access Town Hall: Showcasing and Conference Models

On July 21st at 1:00 PM EDT (please note the webinar was originally scheduled at 3:00 PM), CAPACOA is hosting a panel discussion to highlight the new pitch, conference and showcasing models exacerbated by the global circumstances we must now navigate. In this moderated discussion, panelists will expound on their different organisations and business practices as they try to navigate new models of pitches, showcasing, and professional development programs.

Ruth Wikler (TOHU) will expound on the 2020 International Market of Contemporary Circus (MICC) to share the success and challenges of a showcase and conference model.

David Baile will discuss the successes of the recent International Society for the Performing Arts Pitch New Works session of June 3rd.

CAPACOA’s international market development program will be retooled to better reflect the travel restrictions implemented as a result of Covid-19, and Judy Harquail will discuss the future of the program.

A fourth panelist to be announced soon.

A recording will be made of the session.

If you have any questions, write

A recording can be found here.

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