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INFRAconsults: CAPACOA Adds a Building Block

September 16, 2016 – Following consultation with the membership and with key partners, CAPACOA shared a written submission in response to the consultation on Phase 2 of the Government of Canada’s Infrastructure Plan.

The Fredericton Playhouse is one of many aging performing arts venue in need of major renovations. Other infrastructure needs include accessibility adaptations, energy efficiency retrofitting, specialized equipment upgrades, and adaptive re-use for community engagement activities.
Fredericton Playhouse

“The way that cultural organizations deliver programming today is different than when the infrastructure was build. We need cultural centres that can deliver a wide array of programming beyond presentation. It is substantially more complex today.”

This consultation is a unique opportunity to secure a funding extension for a crucial arts infrastructure program – the Canada Cultural Space Fund – outside of the traditional advocacy channels. CAPACOA has therefore been particularly active throughout the consultation.

The infrastructure consultation closes today. If you haven’t done so yet, please take a minute to fill-in the eWorkbook on social infrastructure and have your say on the value of culture infrastructure.

Read the written submission


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