Meet Portugal and Spain!

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Thursday November 18, 2021

11am-12pm EST

The Iberian Peninsula brought us another more recent cohort a few months ago with presenters and artist from both Spain and Portugal coming together to share their work and insights. These neighbouring countries have a deep and rich tapestry of creative practice, much influenced by religion and past political oppression which continues to influence and resonate.   

We look forward to introducing you to a real mix of new artistic partners and presenters from these richly historic and constantly challenging countries.

David Marin

Postgraduate in Management of Cultural Companies and Institutions by the University of Barcelona 2010. Currently, and since 2012, I am the director of Nau Ivanow, a space for performing arts residencies in Barcelona. 

Currently, I am also vice-president of the Network of Alternative Theaters of Spain and president of Xarxaprod (Network of creation and production spaces of Catalonia). I am also part of the technical team drafting the Integral Theater Plan, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, and of different commissions or juries of programming or grants at local and state level.

The Network of Alternative Theaters is an association that brings together 47 small- and medium-sized theaters and venues, managed by a private team with an innovative project and artistic risk. In recent years, the Network has grown to be present in 14 autonomous communities.

Carlos Seixas

Carlos Seixas is the artistic and production director of FMM Sines Festival, since 1999. FMM Sines is all about the music and is especially tuned to the contemporary world, the movements of migrations, the culture-crossing and the transcontinental encounters. Carlos started his career as producer and programmer of live events in the 80’s. He took part as a jury of showcases selection in international music markets ie. Atlantic Music Expo Cape Vert, Womex Poland, Mozambique Music Meeting, Budapest Ritmo. He lead in programming and produced other events. Also curates Ciclo Mundos a live music programme @ Teatro da Trindade in Lisbon since 2016. Also he is currently the artistic director of Festival Imaterial in Évora and associated with Gindungo Artist Development, a music management organization.

Fátima Alçada

After a short passage in teaching, Fátima Alçada collaborated with Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture and it was here that the professional path for the future was defined. After the end of the European Capital and a post-graduation in Cultural Management of Cities, by Indeg – ISCTE, began a collaboration with Feira Viva, in Santa Maria da Feira, in which was assumed the responsibility of mediation with different audiences and institutions at the Medieval Fair and Imaginarius Festival.

From 2004, moved to Guimarães, where started working with A Oficina, CIPRL, ​​initially as a producer and later as a programming assistant at Centro Cultural Vila Flor. It was also in Guimarães that the existence of the Educational Service became one of the focuses of work, thus creating the Educational Service of the Centro Cultural Vila Flor, of which she was the coordinator until 2010. Between 2010 and 2011, was the general production coordinator of the Imaginarius Festival and in July 2011 took over the management and programming of Cine Teatro de Estarreja, where created the Educational Service.

In November 2013, accepted the invitation from the Municipality of Ovar to develop a cultural project for the city. In Ovar, was Artistic director of Centro de Arte de Ovar, coordinator of the programming of Escola de Artes e Ofícios and assumed the artistic direction of FESTA – International Festival and Concertos (In)Comuns. In March 2019, took on the position of artistic director of Education and Cultural Mediation at A Oficina, in Guimarães and since June 2020 has been artistic director of A Oficina.

Grego Navarro

Since 2012: General Manager Teatro Gayarre, Pamplona (Navarra-Spain).

Previous (1984-2012): I have worked with the main arts organizations as a producer, events coordinator, and trainer for arts administrators in different projects in Madrid, Pamplona and Barcelona.

Teatro Español Madrid; Fundación Autor-Sociedad General de Autores SGAE; Red Nacional de Teatros Auditorios-Festivales y Circuitos; Festival de Clásicos de Alcalá de Henares, La Fura dels Baus Theatre Company; Art-Stij Centros civicos; Centro de Tecnología del Espectáculo; Festivales de Navarra.

Work with touring companies such as Manuela Vargas Flamenco Company, and festivals such as Festival de Otoño de Madrid, and the Theatre Olimpia, Madrid.

Hosted by Gillian Read

Gillian Reid

Gillian has represented Bboyizm Dance Company and Crazy Smooth’s touring work since he showcased his first full-length show IZM in 2010. She also acts as a freelance Artist Representative and Tour Producer through her independent agency Felix Productions based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Gillian brings an extensive background in corporate events to bear in her work in the performing arts milieu, transferring the skills needed for success in the for-profit sector to what she finds to be an infinitely more satisfying endeavor. She is a member of the CAPACOA Board of Directors and sits on the CAPACOA International Development Committee.