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🎮 Fictional Arts: Reimagining Creative Ecosystems (FARCE)

Welcome to FARCE—a role-playing adventure game set in a ‘fictional’ arts ecosystem where you are cast as an Artist, Presenter, or Producer. As your flourishing arts community faces a series of systemic challenges, you are called upon to respond—exactly how, however, is up to you. Will you work together with others in your region or go it alone? Will you devise radical adaptations or cling to the status quo? Will you go about your business until these challenges become too big to ignore?

FARCE is a new experimental tabletop card game and incubator for reimagining an arts ecosystem. Over four days of CAPACOA’s virtual conference, 35 participants are digitally distributed across 5 online regions to role-play as unique characters. With each draw of a card, players must make challenging decisions, design creative responses, and address the urgent needs in their community. 

Drawing inspiration from popular games like Dungeons & Dragons and The Quiet Year, this is a participatory team event that balances collaborative storytelling alongside content from CAPACOA’s Conference programming. The game will be played over 4 days; sessions are 2 hours long, using Zoom + Miro platforms. We highly recommend you attend every session to maximize game play and best serve your community. 

FARCE Concept and Design by Patrick Blenkarn, Laurel Green, and Milton Lim.

FARCE Game Masters: Patrick Blenkarn, Laurel Green, Marcos Krivocapich, Gilles Poulin-Denis, Nikki Shaffeeullah.

Spots are limited for this activity, and the event is now COMPLETELY BOOKED! If you’re interested in being put on a waitlist, please email CAPACOA.

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