Closing Ceremony

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Wednesday November 24

4:45-5pm EST

Mîkwêc, naqumik, nakumik quianamik, mutna, Anushik, Marsi, Niá:wen, Miigwech, Miigwech!
Thank You, Merci, Obrigado, Gracias!

We appreciate you all for joining us for the 2021 CAPACOA Conference. We are grateful for all that we have shared and learned over the past 6 days together and look forward to continuing on the connections we have made.

Indigenous artist, David R. Maracle joins us again to offer closing words and send us on our travels in a good way.

David R Maracle

Tehanenia:kwe’tarons – Cutter of Stone
Bear Clan – Mohawks of the Bay Of Quinte

David R. Maracle has been crafting his artistry since 1985, from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, bringing to life the ancestral teachings of the Haudenosaunee People’s way of life through his magnificent stone sculptures.

David is an International award winning multi-instrumentalist musician/composer, and has released over 17 musical compilations over his multi-faceted career. David has received two Gold Records from the Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA, for his world ambient melodies of the Iroquoian Love Flute, and his multi-instrumental fusion of rare world instruments.

DAVID’s accolades include numerous Canadian Indigenous Music Awards and has performed his music all over the world; Austria, Holland, Pakistan, the Olympics in Australia, and before the Queen in Parliament. David recently had the honour of performing ceremonies for the 50th JUNO AWARDS Indigenous Juno awards segment.