Meet Australia and New Zealand!

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Friday, November 19th 2021

With New Zealand and Australia, we meet countries with histories that are both young and also ancient and rich in indigenous cultures that are today powerful voices in the creative and cultural landscapes of their countries.  We welcome you to come along and learn about a part of the world that is often far to visit but made so close through a virtual conference  where we can open a door to vastly varied and rich dialogue, challenge and new ways of seeing and making art.

Catherine Jones

Director, Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM)

Dolina Wehipeihana

Kaiarahi Maori, PANNZ (Performing Arts Network NZ)

Amber Curreen

Kaihutū, Te Rēhia Theatre

Louise Gallagher

CEO, PANNZ (Performing Arts Network NZ)

Mayella Koroi

Associate Producer First Nations Lead, APAM & ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

Hosted by:

Natalie Lue