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What is Linked Open Data? And How Could it Make your Life Easier as a Performing Arts Professional?

Linked Open Data datasets, as of August 2014. Image credit: Max Schmachtenberg, Christian Bizer, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak -, CC BY-SA 3.0.
The above diagram shows Linked Open Data datasets, as of August 2014. Don't look for the performing arts. We're not there yet. Image credit: Max Schmachtenberg, Christian Bizer, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak -, CC BY-SA 3.0.

March 26, 2019 – Day to day work in the performing arts involves a lot of information exchanges among creators, production companies, presenters and, eventually consumers. What if some of this information was no longer stored on your hard drive, but made available in real time to anyone whose day to day work is dependent on it? What if it was made available to consumers via their smart phones as they are trying to decide what to do on a Friday evening?

This could become a reality with semantic technologies such as unique persistent identifiers, descriptive metadata and Linked Open Data.

Here’s a short video explaining the concept of Linked Open Data.

This video was designed for heritage organizations. For performing arts organizations, whose output isn’t a physical artefact but rather an intangible arts experience, the need for metadata and Linked Open Data is as important, if not more.

This video was also produced at a time when voice-enabled personal assistants such as Siri were just getting on the market. As Alexa and Google Home are now gaining in popularity, it is urgent that we feed them with Linked Open Data, so that consumers can be recommended performing arts events when they look out for something to do on a Friday evening.

This is why CAPACOA, consultants from the Bern University of Applied Sciences, and partners from across Canada have launched the Linked Digital Future initiative. As part of the action-research phase of this initiative, we have been laying out plans to bootstrap an international knowledge base for the performing arts, and we are pleased to announce that a first draft document is available for consultation and input.

Towards an International Knowledge Base for the Performing Arts – Draft Document for Consultation

We invite performing arts professionals to browse the document, read through the usage scenarios that relate to their work, and then verify the data coverage for each stakeholder category.

  • Did we accurately describe the nature of the work and the goals of each actor?
  • Did we identify the data needed by all stakeholders to get their work done?

Please provide as many comments as you deem necessary. This document is the foundation of our linked digital future. We need it to be accurate and complete.

The Linked Digital Future initiative is funded in part by the Government of Canada and by the Canada Council for the Arts.

CanadaCanada Council for the Arts - Conseil des arts du Canada

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