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CIPAE 2018 / Focus Canada / Joint Attendance

May 11, 2018 – Each year, CINARS teams up with agents and representatives from Canadian companies to organize a series of joint attendances at some of the key conferences. These activities’ goals are to promote Canadian productions abroad and to build and strengthen relationships with internationals presenters.

CIPAE, formerly known as CIPAC, is an annual event organized by the China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) and welcomes more than 1,500 participants each year, will take place in Beijing from September 5th to 9th. .

With the event having a focus on Canada, CINARS, in collaboration with CAPACOA, invites Canadian companies/artists from all disciplines (theatre, dance, music, circus and multidisciplinary arts) to be part of the joint attendance.

The creation of this joint participation opportunities, which will include a shared booth, pitch sessions, workshops, showcases and networking events, will enable Canadian participants to benefit from a greater visibility, meet more presenters, cultivate a sense of mutual support with their peers, and to take part in the conference at a lower cost.

If you are interested in being part of the CIPAE 2018 joint attendance, please send the following information to before May 25th:

  •  Your contact (name, organization, title, address, email, phone number and website);
  •  A picture of the person who will be attending the conference;
  •  A letter explaining your company/agency’s development approach regarding the Chinese market;
  •  A presentation of your company/agency (maximum 2 pages);
  •  The itinerary of your past tours (last two years);
  •  A list of the conferences/markets you have attended since the last two years;
  •  A list of the missions you have attended since the last two years.

Participation fees (if selected): $450 CAD (taxes included) + transportation, accommodation and per diems.

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