Santee Smith / Tekaronhiáhkhwa, Multidisciplinary (Dance, Theatre)

Turtle Island (Canada)

Santee uses the stage not merely for entertainment purposes but acts as an
ambassador to the non-Indigenous world showing the beauty and continued pro-
active urgency to tell our stories before they are forgotten. Santee Smith never
stops.” Shelley Niro (Artist)

Silje Figenschou Thoresen, Visual/Contemporary artist


[Her works] suggest a process where it is possible to continue asking what the material wants to become as the material might change its mind.”
-Markus Degerman, artist and currently Dean, Art and Craft, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and co-founder of Uglycute.

Milton Lim, Interdisciplinary Arts (Digital Media + Performance)


“Audacious, avant-garde, experimental—and as one grinning audience member put it so accurately after the show […] This is work that’s bold, technically savvy, and risky. Like that viewer said, unapologetic.”
Janet Smith (Georgia Straight, April 13th, 2017)

Lisandro Rodríguez, Playwright/Director


Lisandro Rodríguez, un artista escénico que desde hace años viene profundizando sus búsquedas, llevándolas a zonas de un potente valor en el mapa de la experimentación.” (Alejandro Cruz – La Nación)

Crazy Smooth, Choreographer/Dancer


“We are proud to recognize the work of Crazy Smooth with the Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award, This is a strong statement of support for hip-hop within the community of contemporary dance in Canada.” – Janice Price, President and CEO of Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Janaina Leite, Performer/Director


Janaina Leite é atriz, diretora e dramaturgista, referência na pesquisa sobre o uso de documentário e autobiografia no teatro brasileiro. Com “Stabat Mater” e seu novo processo “Ensaios Escopofílicos para uma História do Olho”, tensiona teatro, experiência e pornografia sob a perspectiva de um real obsceno.

Finn Anderson, Music Theatre


“He is a voice and creative centre who will continue to gain a profile across his homeland of Scotland, throughout the UK musical theatre industry and internationally.” (Musical Theatre Review).

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Theatre/spoken word/hip hop


“wordsmith Donna-Michelle St. Bernard bridges hip hop and political activism in a harrowingly honest commentary on systemic racism, social injustice, and freedom of artistic expression.” – Camila Fitzgibbon, MontrealHub


Pam Patel, Artistic Director at MT Space


Federico Irazabal, Artistic Director of FIBA


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