Reneltta Arluk, Director/Writer/Performer; Theatre


“Akpik was the name given to her (Reneltta Arluk) by her great-grandmother Alice Simon when she was just a babe, which translates into “cloudberry”… For Arluk, her storytelling is an alchemical process — one that allows her to turn her life into art-making and her art-making back into life.” – Eleanor Albanese, Above & Beyond, Canada’s Arctic Journal

Alejandra Sasil Sánchez Chan, Writer/Actress


En este siglo XXI también debuta una fina pluma brotada en Xaya, Tekax, Yucatán: Sasil Sánchez Chan, quien ha sido voz en la radio en maya, poeta, editora y activista, siendo su último logro a su poesía en los concursos literarios de la Secretaría de la Cultura y las Artes de Yucatán, en 2020. PorEsto!, Edgar Rodríguez Cimé

Francisco Carvajal Cancino, Contemporary Dance


“En tiempos vertiginosos como los actuales, cargados de gestos y archivos que nos regresan a esos cuerpos heridos por la violencia estructural y estatal de una dictadura que sigue vigente; detenerse y observar cómo y porqué nos movemos, no sólo es sugerente, sino que una necesidad. Experimentar y pensar, sin apuro, los procesos que atraviesan los cuerpos en movimiento son las derivas de la Plataforma Conmover, proyecto escénico, formativo e investigativo integrado por Natalia Figueroa, Francisco Carvajal y Loreto Urrutia.” – Por Paulina Barrenechea Vergara /

Chris Reed, Performance Art


Maiden China and Rose Butch are the Darlings, and this show was the first virtual performance I’d seen that embraced the isolating nature of creating art for Zoom, and made it part of the conversation. I wasn’t surprised that they figured it out so quickly—their live show the December before remains one of the most compelling drag shows I’ve ever seen—but the content, the performance, the terrifying time, it was all just beautiful. —Anicka Quin,
editorial director Vancouver Magazine

Marie Louise Stentebjerg (Institute of Interconnected Realities), Choreography


This is the re-birth of theatre. An audience gathers in a space with a group of actors to make a testament to meaning, human existence and the way we tell stories. That’s how it’s always been in the theatre. two-women-machine-show and Jonathan Bonnici [now Institute of Interconnected Realities] are showing us, as if for the first time, the oldest truth.
-Simon Stone, Jury at Stückemarkt, Theatertreffen 2016

Alyssa Martin, Choreographer + Director / Dance Theatre


“Martin’s choreography is both clumsy and precise, raucous and contained, spastic and subtle- and filled to the brim with a wide-eyed fear that keeps you laughing and on-edge throughout the performance.” – Art Critique.

Carmen Gil Vrolijk, Media arts, performing arts


“Carmen’s works use technology as poetics, not special effects.

Andrea Peña, Contemporary Dance / Design


“Repetition is a form of change. Or so the saying goes. Peña offers an accumulation of movements and images that ask us to reflect collectivity on our own subjectivity, bringing complex understanding on the profound human need for genuine connection. The experience felt strangely like revisiting a well-loved book – to read it dozens of times, only to be amazed by finally seeing an underlying metaphor in the work that you had not previously been ready to understand.”



Paula de Renor, Curator at RESIDE


Jayson Duggan, The Grand Theatre