Alexandra “Spicey” Landé, Choreographer & Artistic Director (Ebnfloh Company)


“Spicey’s work is Hip-Hop in real-time; stretched out, unprocessed and raw. It is where the spectator must step outside his comfort zone, inside a space that stretches and transforms light-speed into time-lapses. A place where he must become the witness and take in the whole, no longer removed from uncomfortable things and feelings.”

Alejandro Ahmed, Dance


“Ahmed ouve o corpo e materializa o som para construir deslocamentos narrativos cuja ritualidade configura novas dimensionalidades ao ritmo, tempo e presença. Nada mais próprio à dança do que isso.” – Rui Filho

Cris Derksen, Cellist/Composer


“Whether performing solo or composing and collaborating with symphonies,
theatres, choirs, creators and dance companies around the world, Derksen challenges
listeners, and players, to join in her explorations.”
— Calgary Folk Festival

Erin Brubacher, Director and Multidisciplinary Artist


“Director Erin Brubacher pulls disparate styles and movements together without even forcing it into something it’s not.” – The Globe and Mail

María Siebald, Actress and Director


“In Chile and abroad, María Siebald’s is recognized as one of the most sensitive and empowering artists working in the field of arts and inclusion, stretching the meaning of what diversity should look like in the arts. She has created unforeseen bridges between deaf and hearing people as an actress, performer, author, teacher, as well as a theater and video director.” Rodrigo Olavarría, author and translator

Bernardo Rey, Theatre Director and Visual artist


The training and artistic process he offers is highly demanding and rigorous, imaginative, and moving. You will not regret an association with Bernardo. He is a superior artist, a demanding and skilled teacher, and an excellent man.”
William Fisher Butler University

Andreas Constantinou, Artistic director / performance maker


“Champions & Mass Effect are exceptionally beautiful and a powerful portrayals
of the distinction between physical and mental endurance” – Kulturleben

Esie Mensah, Choreographer and Dancer


“Mensah, has a gift for devising accessible movement, using dance as a tool for confronting ugly or difficult truths. But her work generally also holds space for understanding and healing.” – NOW Magazine 15 Stage Artists to Watch


Stine Nilsen, Artistic Director at CODA Oslo International Dance Festival


Clothilde Cardinal, VP, Programming at Place Des Arts