Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

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Photo: Jessica Han

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre


2:30 – 3:50pm + 4:30 – 5:50pm

Out Innerspace is a Vancouver based Contemporary Dance organization founded in 2007 by directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen. OIS has dedicated over 10 years to creating extraordinary and integral dance experiences through uncompromising rigour and unreserved ingenuity. Full-length works Me So You So Me (2012), Vessel (2010, 2013) and Major Motion Picture (2015) have enjoyed 5 National Tours. Major Motion Picture is the 2014 recipient of the CanDance Creation Fund commission. Their latest creation, Bygones is co-produced by L’Agora de la Danse, La Rotonde and Dance Victoria and was awarded 2019 Crystal Dance Prize and Dance Centre Artistic Residency.