Membership > CAPACOA Membership Open Data Strategy, version 1.0

CAPACOA Membership Open Data Strategy, version 1.0

Release of information as open data

The CAPACOA membership form was designed to collect authoritative information about your organization for the purpose of enhancing your digital presence across the Web, via CAPACOA’s members directory and other open knowledge bases (such as Wikidata, a knowledge base trusted by search engines). 

Excluding personal contact information, any organization information submitted over the CAPACOA membership form may be: 

  • Used by CAPACOA for other purposes that comply with the association’s mission, including but not limited to research;
  • Translated into machine-readable structured data;
  • Interlinked with other data from open knowledge bases and from authoritative public sources (including your own website);
  • Released as open data under Creative Commons CC0 license (or more restrictive licenses) in open knowledge bases (including CAPACOA’s members directory, the Artsdata knowledge graph, and Wikidata);
  • And, once released under Creative Commons license, will be available for reuse by other parties.

Benefits of open data

There are many potential benefits to this open data strategy:

  • Information published as linked open data can be interlinked with other open data. This creates a network effect. The more links, the more digital discoverability.
  • Organization information can be automatically combined with complementary information about venues, events and productions. Once assembled, this rich information can feed directories and events listings. Search engines can also use it to display rich results.
  • Manually populating forms takes time, doesn’t it? Whenever open data is reused by CAPACOA or other parties, technology does the hard work, not you. 

Data quality

The CAPACOA membership form is an opportunity for you to exercise control over how your organization information is represented over the Web. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information is accurate and complete.

Consent options

  • Basic consent: I agree with the terms of the open data strategy (i.e., I consent to the disclosing of organization information).
  • Extended consent: I agree with the terms of the open data strategy AND I further consent to the disclosing of contact information, including contact persons’ name(s), work email address(es) and work phone numbers.
  • No, thanks: I do not agree with the terms of the open data strategy, but I would still like to become a CAPACOA member.

About this Open Data Strategy

The CAPACOA Membership Open Data Strategy was designed as part of the Linked Digital Future initiative, which is funded by the Government of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.

This Open Data Strategy is available for reuse under a Creative Commons CC0 license. We encourage other associations and arts service organizations to adopt a similar strategy.

If you have questions about this Open Data Strategy, you may contact CAPACOA’s Director of Research and Development, Frédéric Julien.