Critical Response Workshop and Performance


Time: 13:30 - 16:30

Location: The Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Theatre

Facilitators: Judy Harquail (Arts Consultant), Tim Yerxa (The Fredericton Playhouse)

Performance: Goggles by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg/Tara Cheyenne Performance


Join CAPACOA members Judy Harquail and Tim Yerxa, as they conduct a Critical Response workshop, after the performance of Goggles by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg/Tara Cheyenne Performance.

This innovative workshop will help presenters to reflect and talk about their experience with this work and to begin to gain perspective about how to engage their audiences with new, and also challenging performances. CAPACOA is thrilled to be offering this experience, which can be applied in many different contexts, including with your audience, at conferences and festivals alike.

About Critical Response:

Critical Response is a reflective protocol that permits a certain kind of conversation to occur - often a kind of conversation that people are not in the habit of having. Through guided conversation, space is built for listening, and to give a license to listen, without having to continually respond. This reflective practice is dedicated to fueling innovative feedback and building community between artists, audiences, presenters and ideas.

Critical Response creates a structure that makes it safe to ask interesting and challenging questions of each other, and thereby to gain differing perspective and new insights. It helps audiences get up close and personal with the wonders and challenges experienced in viewing contemporary performance.

Lastly, Critical Response and other reflective protocols allow audiences to stretch beyond personal opinion of the artwork, and expand conversation beyond the traditional thumbs-up, thumbs-down model frequently used. As a result, new shared language and meaning can emerge.

About Goggles

Tara Cheyenne Performance

Performed and created by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Original score by Marc Stewart

Note: this piece is normally performed with James Proudfoot's exceptional lighting design. Due to technical constrains we are performing without this aspect.

Crime. Drama. Murder. We watch the death of another again and again either as entertainment, media news fodder or as collective nightmare. What is it that attracts us so strongly to these ceaseless depictions of untimely demise and bloody crime?

In Goggles, a comic creep-fest, a mystery unfolds… Obsession, bone chilling fear and black comedy translate into disturbingly compelling physicality and the sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious voice of Goggles.

About the company

Tara Cheyenne Performance is devoted to the creation and dissemination of highly physical, character-driven solo and ensemble works that uniquely blend movement and text. bANGER, Nick & Juanita and Goggles have been presented in North America and internationally. 2014 is the premiere PDC (Porno, Death, Cult), and tours of both Goggles and recent ensemble extravaganza Highgate.

Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Artistic Director Tara Cheyenne Performance

Twitter TaraCheyenneTCP

FB Tara Cheyenne Performance


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