Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Linked Digital Future - Un avenir numérique lié

Ever since initial explorations of digital technologies within The Value of Presenting study, digital innovation has been an area of focus in CAPACOA’s research and development activities. With each learning event and post, a community of digitally curious arts folks began to come together.

In 2016, this community gave itself name and a mission. The Digital Innovation Council for the Performing Arts is a national initiative to identify and investigate opportunities for emerging digital technologies in the performing arts. During Phase 1, the Digital Innovation Council focused on consultation and research activities which resulted in the publication of Digitizing the Performing Arts: An Assessment of Opportunities, Issues and Challenges, in April 2017.

Since November 2018, CAPACOA is moving forward with Phase 2: the Linked Digital Future initiative, a multi-component digital literacy and transformation initiative for the performing arts sector. Building upon shared metadata strategies and prototypes, the Linked Digital Future initiative seeks to evolve radically new collaboration mindsets in the arts.

For information about the Digital Innovation Council or about the Linked Digital Future initiative, contact Frédéric Julien.

Resources and Reports

Digitizing the Performing Arts - cover page

Culture Creates’ Digital Tour presentation – English – May 21, 2019

CAPACOA’s Digital Tour presentation – English – May 21, 2019

CAPACOA’s Digital Tour presentation – English, with notes – May 21, 2019

Presentation and recording from the “Digitizing Arts Services” webinar – June 25, 2018

Proceedings from the “Digital Catch-Up” web conversation – April 17, 2017

Presentation and minutes from the digital roundtable at the National Arts Services Organizations meeting – December 8, 2017

Proceedings from the CAPACOA Conference – November 15-18, 2017

État des lieux sur les métadonnées relatives aux contenus culturels – October 17, 2017

Digitizing the Performing Arts: An Assessment of Opportunities, Issues and Challenges – April 11, 2017

Recap of the Arts in a Digital World Summit – event held March 15-17, 2017

Dialogue on Canadian Content in a Digital World: Minutes – October 24, 2016

Digital Innovation Council Consultation: Summary, ahead of the Canadian Content in a Digital World consultation – May 11, 2016


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