“The Value of Presenting is obviously some of the most important and impactful work related to our industry in Canada.”

Paul Gravett, Paul Gravett Consulting

Other Documents

Interim and Supplementary Reports (Spring 2012)

English: Interim Report of Findings, Amended September 2012 (PDF)

Français : Sommaire – Rapport intérimaire des constatations (PDF)

Français : Rapport complémentaire – La diffusion des arts vivants dans la francophonie canadienne (PDF)

English: Supplementary Report – Aboriginal Presenting, Amended August 2012 (PDF)

English: Supplementary Report – Rural and Northern Presenting, May 2012 (PDF)

English: Supplementary Report – Dance: The Evolution of Canadians’ Attendance, April 2012 (PDF)

English: Literature Review, Updated April 2012 (PDF)

English: Overview of the History of Presenting in Canada, Updated April 2012 (PDF)

Webinars (Fall 2012)

English: Presentation – Changing Demographics, Nov. 26, 2012 (PDF)

English: Presentation – Highlights of Findings, Nov. 2, 2012 (PDF)

Français : Présentation – Points saillants, 29 octobre 2012 (PDF) (PDF)

English: Presentation – Rural and Northern Presenting, May 2012 (PDF)

Literature Review

Cultural Human Resources Council / Conseil des ressources humaines du secteur culturel

Presenters (2007) / Diffuseurs de spectacles (2007)

Canada Council for the Arts / Conseil des Arts du Canada

Department of Canadian Heritage / Le ministère du Patrimoine canadien

Creative Cities Network of Canada / Réseau des villes créatives du Canada

Hill Strategies

Statistics Canada / Statistique Canada

Government of Quebec / Gouvernement du Québec

WolfBrown (English only / Anglais seulement)

RIDEAU (En français seulement / French only)

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