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The Value of Presenting Study at the Creative City Summit

May 31, 2013 - It has been quite exciting for CAPACOA and Strategic Moves to wrap up the first month of the study release at the Creative City Summit, in Ottawa.

The Summit was themed "Recalculating: Culture in a Digital World". Inga Petri and Frédéric Julien led a P2P presentation on Canadian's use of digital media in the Performing Arts. These research findings were presented along with several interesting cases of use of technology as a medium for creation, for mapping, and for animating archives and artefacts. Elements of the programming, including an interview with Frédéric Julien, were summarized in this Ottawa Citizen article.

Last week, we also presented study findings at the Colloque Les Arts et la Ville. All in all, we reached over 100 representatives from the municipal sector.

A month after its release, The Value of Presenting: A study of Performing Arts Presentation is still generating a lot of enthusiasm. The total reach of the study, including social media, traditional media, and the Canadian Geographic Canadian Atlas Online thematic, is estimated at 3.8 million people.

Inga Petri makes sense of participation data at the Creative City Summit

Frédéric Julien thanks study partners at the Creative City Summit



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